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- That's why you drink it every day...
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- Mockingbirds are harmless birds, they only do what they sing for our pleasure. They do not peck berries in gardens, do not build nests in barns, but only sing their songs for us from the bottom of their hearts.
- Mockingbirds are harmless birds, they only do what they...
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To die for a just cause - what could be more humane?
To die for a just cause - what could be more humane?
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If you don't share someone's pain, you will never be able to understand them.
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People who cannot throw away something important will never be able to change anything.
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To be a woman already means to be used.
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- Yes, I'm Vanek, you know? Extreme. This is how everything falls down, collapses, and there is no one to help, because one is “not supposed to”, like you, the other is sick, the third is snotty. All families. Here is Vanek. He plows, and everyone around is standing and laughing - they found a fool. But this is until they themselves bake. Then they come running - Vanya, help, help out, you are such a wonderful person, otherwise we have sciatica and there is no time. Oh damn you...
- Yes, Im Vanek, you know? Extreme. This is how everything...
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In this world, only the dead have the opportunity to speak the truth.
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In burden wings behind.
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A woman is like a secret agent who is destroyed if she fails and showered with rewards if she succeeds; she bears on her shoulders all the consequences of male immorality, immorality: not only a prostitute, any woman serves as a latrine in this shining, polished palace where honest people live - men. And when a woman is told about dignity, honor, decency and other high male virtues, is it any wonder that she refuses to “swallow” this.
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Nikita Valeyev1000 reasons sad quotes sadness lyrics love
Quote Explanation: The author talks about love, feelings and relationships for a young girl who broke Valeev's heart. And she didn't expect it.
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Where can a woman get such qualities as courage, zeal, disinterestedness, greatness? After all, these qualities are born by freedom of choice, a wide open future, above any given. And a woman is imprisoned in the walls of a kitchen or a boudoir and they are surprised that, you see, she has a narrow mindset, a limited worldview; her wings are clipped and at the same time they regret that she does not fly. Let the future open before her, and she will not need to cling to the present.
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Love fades sooner or later, but what if the other person still loves you? Isn't that selfish? Only eternal love is not so selfish.
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With a needle, knitting needle or crochet, a woman sadly weaves the non-existence of her days.
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