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You can't get justice without getting your hands dirty.
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To stop a person, you need to press hard on him. However, at the same time, one himself must remain out of visible connection with the factors and circumstances directly related to this pressure. Only then can the pressure be controlled.
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The temptation to build preconceptions based on incomplete data is detrimental to our profession.
The temptation to build preconceptions based on incomplete...
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Once you fall in love, you lose everything around you.
Quote Explanation: This character speaks of Misawa, who fell madly in love with his rival, and thereby lost his guard during the duel.
Once you fall in love, you lose everything around you.
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You can't learn from books in school!
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- Adult, huh? I hate all adults! Especially your stupid parents! And I'm not going to die like those pathetic idealists who helped the refugees! Any adult who wastes time on empty dreams is a hopeless fool! Merge
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... the government elevated the town to the rank of a district center and a center of progress, which was expressed by the establishment of judicial and police offices with a whole army of very fat, but always hungry servants of the law, the construction of a school, a hospital and, of course, the construction of another of those impressive, capacious prisons, with which the British built up all the land from Gibraltar to Hong Kong ...
Quote Explanation: Days in Burma
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You cannot save someone by relying only on yourself when others also want to help people. I am not alone in this struggle.
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The violin is the closest relative of the voice, it is able to take offense at the owner and repay him - with good or evil.
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It's good that you're being optimistic. But one day it could cost your life too. Risking yourself for others, only to forget the pain of old wounds - this way you only make yourself worse. But whether it is right or not is up to you alone to decide.
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What else is left for us besides the struggle, Kanade? I must find the answer - otherwise I will not be able to look at this world through your eyes.
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And money in our society is life!
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Take a detached look at your ups and downs, like a viewer in a movie theater.
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Sometimes we hurt others, and unknowingly. But it hurts us too much to admit it, so we hide, run from guilt. We are afraid to hurt even more.
Quote Explanation: Quote from Theodora.
Sometimes we hurt others, and unknowingly. But it hurts us...
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