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If a mercenary person spat in your soul and betrayed you - do not be upset! Arrange yourself a good rest in nature so that your soul gets rid of dirt and finds joy and freshness again. If a vile person has greatly offended you, turn on your favorite music on your phone or computer to get rid of unpleasant sensations. If someone wiped their feet on your kindness, take a bath or shower to console yourself with the warm tenderness of water and wash away all the bad things.
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- The older we are, the longer the scars heal.
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When a person has spiritual joy, he becomes like the best summer. It gives warm and sunny weather, pleasant outdoor recreation, hiking, trips and new experiences, pleases the soul and body. And a sincere person pleases those around him with his cheerful, pleasant, warm, sincere words, his good qualities. It radiates a light that people are drawn to.
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Life goes on in generations, and they carry and develop the best of what their fathers and grandfathers left them.
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But you never know the things in the world, doing which you can become truly necessary for people, in selfless service to the people you will discover spiritual joy for yourself, you will find the meaning of your whole life!
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And there was a glorious feeling in my soul: next to you are the same as you, enthusiastic people, they are your workmates, we understand each other ... How much this feeling means for business and how often we miss it in life!
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How important it is when your teacher is there in time, supporting you with a sincere word and a wise remark!
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You need to strive to be a good person, to make the life of your family, loved ones, colleagues better. Don't try to be someone's role model.
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More precisely, the experience that we get when we grow up.
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When a person talks pleasantly to you, you seem to feel that you have taken a spiritual flower with a wonderful aroma into your hands and enjoy its aroma with a smile on your face, looking at such a pleasant flower. It pleases your soul and quickly lifts your spirits so that you can walk with joy on your face until the end of the day. A pleasant person has the same qualities as this wonderful flower. So it's nice to interact with them.
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For those who have never been bullied, it is useless to explain. It's like explaining to bright minds who think that rabbit feet bring good luck, because if the feet really brought good luck, they would remain with the hares.
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My dad always told me: I love
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