Movie: Autumn marathon

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- Write me off, please, and then I don't give a scholarship. And I'm out a little bit and will pass.
- The Charter of translators, comrade Lifanov, States that translation in the modern world should promote a better understanding between peoples, and his talk will only alienate.
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You would be lying somewhere in one place. And then when there, and then, in my opinion, is very troublesome.
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- Went?
- Went.
He let her go?
He let her go.
- About me the chatter is not it?
- Was!
- What say?
Said that you port wine with vodka in the way.
- There are only half a bottle was... I told him, and he, cocktail, cocktail... shaggy Hippies!
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And the floors don't you to wash? And then I'll wash, you whistle!
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Not the forest, not the same. The machines come in large numbers, chakuriki cheap, all swept fungi.
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Vasily Ignatievich, leave. Well, what are you doing? I took the drink. No, all the peoples of the world owe him a drink.
Quote Explanation: Vasily Ignatievich persuades bill Hansen (Professor from Denmark) to drink.
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You can not just take something and give!
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- I haven't been dancing...
- Where?
- It's hard to say it all.
Nothing, man, say it. It first difficult, and then it will be easier for everyone.
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