Cartoon: Ratatouille (Ratatouille)

- And she's going?
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I think if I is that I eat rubbish I will not eat you! Dad thought: "food is fuel. You pick, don't you fill your tank - motor will die. So shut up and eat!"
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I killed a man with this thumb!
Quote Explanation: Skinner tells Linguini when applying for a job.
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I'm not your puppet, and you're not my puppet master.
Quote Explanation: Linguini tells the little chef
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But what can I do? I'm just a figment of your imagination.
Quote Explanation: Gusteau says little chef
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Chefs do not steal. Thieves steal only. And the chefs prepare.
Quote Explanation: Alfredo Linguini tells the little chef, so he did not steal.
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If you focus on the fact that in the past, you can never know what awaits you in the future!
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Not everyone can become a great artist, but great artist can come from anywhere.
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You must not allow others to define the boundaries of your abilities just because of your origin. Your only boundary is your soul.
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- Where to stargaze, if not in Paris?
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- You're involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?
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Nature is changing, dad. We can influence it! The main thing is to wish!
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I'm tired of the catches. I want to create things, you know? I want to bring something into this world.
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In many ways, the work of criticism is simple: we risk nothing, but put ourselves above those who bring their work and themselves to our judgment. Crushing the spacing nice to write and read, but we critics must admit that in the bigger picture of the universe any stuff is probably more important than all our criticism.
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Wait! Can you read? Does dad know?
No, he won't. You can write a book about what dad didn't know. Dozens of books!
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