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- This is the TARDIS, where else is more mobile?
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- I mean today. The lessons will end, then the teachers' council will take place, and Klara will be released at about 5.15 pm. Wait, fire? What kind of fire is this?
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- Rather far-sighted.
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- The doctor knew that the darkness always lurked in his soul. Letting him pretend she came from outside was even merciful in its own way.
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She was simply more fortunate than everyone else who at that moment shouted and prayed for salvation. Her pleas were heard by a man who mistakenly considered himself a hero.
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To talk about the importance of an imaginary hero is very difficult. And the characters are very important. They tell us something about ourselves. The history books tell them who we were, the documents - about who we are now. The characters talk about who we want to be. Many of our heroes depress me.
But, you know, when I created this hero, Doctor Who, and he had no gun, and a screwdriver so he could fix it. He was given not a tank, not a warship, he was given a telephone booth, from which you can call for help. He was not given the powers, pointed ears, or a Sizzling rays, he was given an additional heart. They gave him two hearts! And it is amazing that a time when we won't need a hero like the Doctor would never come.
Quote Explanation: The answer to the question of whether Steven Moffat, choriner of the series, imagine a parallel world where does not exist and never existed Doctor.On the "Eleventh hour", devoted to the 50th anniversary of the TV series "Doctor Who" and the release of the movie
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- Do you like a certain type of fans?
I love those from whom we receive a creative response. Those who write their own stories, draw, make videos on YouTube - we've seen some, they're beautiful; the musical version of "Sherlock", she's gorgeous. There is a fan-made orchestra of "Sherlock". I like people, especially young people who give a creative response, trying to create their own version, and this is the first step to make it real. I mean, this all comes from, the desire to impersonate something is the first step to creating what you love with others. This is how it starts. Every time to see this enthusiasm and creative response is amazing.
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Imagine "Doctor Who". Before the credits roll is always the initial stage. I imagine his audience at this point - in a hurry to leave, almost wearing a jacket in the pub waiting for their friends. And now, knowing that your audience is now, maybe going on a date with some beauty - how not to give him to wear a coat, put his hand into the second sleeve? What scene is it going to stop? "Doctor Who" the difficulty is that killing someone a monster or an alien fortress under stormy skies will not help here, because in "Doctor Who" it all the time. Here in other serials both scenes work easily, you will think, seeing this: "Damn it, this week in "Call the midwife“ something new!".
And what to do in "Doctor Who"? No idea, think for yourself. But remember that a few seconds will start the screen saver, and all have seen, and the pub awaits spectators beauty. That isn't writing, it's a WAR - you need to prevent the audience to leave and find happiness. Their attention you have attracted, and now it needs to hold. This can happen in a scene before the credits roll, forcing them to sit for a minute and see the beginning? Just to see what's going on?
Now, when you sat still on their sofa, how to get them to stay on it? It was the rest of the story - just as the viewer takes a step to the door, give him a new plot twist, a funny joke or a dramatic moment that changes everything. Their love waiting for them in the pub - don't let them find her. Here's what you need to do, and to hell with the three-act structure. Each replica is an EMERGENCY!
Quote Explanation: From the article about writing scripts.
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There is no better way to look smarter than to look at the end.
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My advice to the editors. I myself am not an editor, so I can. Do not be experts, be fans. Evaluate the scenario from the point of view of the viewer, not the manufacturer. Read it, keeping at hand the popcorn, not the book theory of the script. Tell the writer (politely) that you are confused, bothered, or seemed boring. Do not invent the dregs like "These two characters don't meet each other, and it would be necessary" unless it really makes the story more interesting. Inappropriate "should" not must. Our job is to entertain, so let you will be important, what is important to the audience, and no more. No need to paint that part of the scenery, which no one will see.
Quote Explanation: From the article about writing scripts.
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First draft. Before I start, I just give the negative. Anyone who says, "come on, it's only a first draft" should go straight to hell and there burn. To say "It's only a first draft, purely for discussion," somehow became the norm. But that's not true. Not true, damn it. First draft - this is a real job. That's when you wash with the history of dirt and carefully considering what you get. The first draft is the source, and everything else is a refinement. So you invest in it all. Prescribe and rewrite every moment, until will not believe that everything really turned out perfectly. Until you almost cry from its beautiful and not rest assured that the remake do not have and that the new draft simply is not needed because this is perfect. This idea should sit in your head next to another idea, absolutely true - there is still a lot of drafts. Do not leave anything for later, write as if it is your only and last draft, and Polish all need right now.
Quote Explanation: From the article about writing scripts.
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The writers of the sex did not happen at all, so that all their work on this subject, in fact, based on some guesses.
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Writing is extremely personal. Write what I like to see myself. I write my personal obsessions and I hope that people will separate the two.
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I don't want to think that stories end, I want to feel that they can go on forever.
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