Author of quotes: Thais Williams. A witch's dreams

- The life of a vampire is chosen by those who have lost too much, or those who have nothing to lose at all. This is not about a slightly dark teenage romance that you can play if it's completely boring. Being a vampire... It's about the pain that breaks like a rod, about the darkness that hides deep in each of us, about the memories that break the heart, about the powerlessness from the realization that the past cannot be returned, and no one can be saved .. including yourself, about the loneliness that pulls you to the bottom like a stone, about the call of blood and eternity that you cannot resist, and about the cold kiss of death that any stranger takes from you against your will. Therefore, there are so few vampires. No sane person would go for this, in their right mind. But immortality, Rory... the future of all mankind, which we can witness, a life free from everything that does not allow people to breathe, in their hard, sad, short lives... Immortality pays for everything... if you know how to enjoy.
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- Seduction is a way of survival for vampires.
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- Vampires are the gateway between the past and the future.
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"Look around," said the vampire, "You are surrounded by the mystery and depravity of the night, hidden violence, graceful cruelty. It's how we spend our eternity.
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- In my dreams, we are always together. There are no lies, betrayal and excruciating pain between us. Only your arms embracing me, and your eyes looking with love. Just us and peace ... and then I wake up ...
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“Vampires bloom with blood.
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