Author of quotes: Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky

The only thing I don't agree with Dante is with the description of hell. For me hell is cold, very cold. I would keep the circles, but make them ice cold, and so that the temperature drops with each turn. Hell is the Arctic.
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But I want to note that the idea of turning Venice into a museum is just as ridiculous as the desire to revive it by pouring in fresh blood. First, what counts as fresh blood always ends up as plain old urine. And secondly, this city is not suitable for museums, as it is itself a work of art, the greatest masterpiece created by our species. You do not bring a picture to life, much less a statue. You leave them alone, protect them from vandals - the hordes of which may include you.
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All cities are beautiful at sunset, but some are more beautiful.
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To start another life, a person must get rid of the previous one, and carefully.
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It is strange that beauty is valued below psychology, but as long as this is so, I can afford this city - that is, until my death, and possibly after.
Quote Explanation: About Venice
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Venice is one of those cities where both the outsider and the local know in advance that they are exhibits.
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I am not a righteous man (although I try not to unbalance my conscience) and not a sage; not an esthete and not a philosopher. I'm just nervous, due to circumstances and my own actions, but an observant person. As my beloved Ryunosuke Akutagawa once said, I have no principles, I only have nerves.
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Passion is the privilege of the insignificant.
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You are insignificant because you are finite. However, the more finite a thing, the more it is charged with life, emotions, joy, fears, compassion. For infinity is not particularly animated, not particularly emotional.
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Anything that reveals regularity is fraught with boredom.
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Craving for something that someone else has means losing your own uniqueness.
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the pen of the Cyrillic alphabet is pricked.
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Stuck in a socket with ethyl morality.
Quote Explanation: From «Speech about spilled milk».
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I woke up drowning in pain,
And could not change the outcome.
I'm on the outside seemed bright,
And inside was long dead.
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The work of art is always intended to outlast its Creator.
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