Author of quotes: Simon Slepakov

He will not say that there is a problem with transport in our city.
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Residential buildings are crumbling here and there.
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And my son has a Bentley Continental, gold.
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The world is so cruel ...
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Oh, Libra, scales, Libra, thank you that you have
After the dream a nightmare, you have to eat!
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The woman screamed in her sleep and opened his eyes,
And in the dawn silence stepped on the scales.
The woman looks at the scoreboard and joy doesn't believe
There is a two-digit number - ninety-nine!
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Oh, I'm stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid-and,
Deep in me, my slender figure.
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Stood a woman not scale, taking off his clothes,
Jewelry and underwear. With bated hope.
It's not only saved a woman from a disorder
She is a three-digit number issued device.
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However, in comparison to summer,
This summer - autumn.
How is it guys
Why do we need it?
Like, before summer
It's not very
Thought, bear with me.
Here, come summer...
Here, a pancake, has come!
That fucking suffered!
Wait now what us
Sitting at the window?
If we three Leman
Dollars wanted
And not just fucking
A little bit of sunshine!
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What's summer?
Is it summer?
What the hell, summer?
And generally what is IT??
Words decent present.
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I saw on TV your ads
And it convincingly reported
Together with Gazprom dreams come true!
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In short, to me there is such a thing -
Me something to work at all tired.
I know You will listen to these words,
Because who can understand them, if not you?
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I don't have any space money
Give at least one protsentik.
One percent - it means nothing!
Some little thing nine.
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I don't want to be an engineer,
I don't want to be a combiner,
I want to be a shareholder
OAO "Gazprom".
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