Character: Koroviev's (Fagot)

Behemoth cat: - I'm in awe!
Behemoth cat: - Im in awe!
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No, I can't... I'll go and take three hundred drops of essential valerian. <...> I'll go to bed. Forget about sleep...
No, I cant... Ill go and take three hundred drops of...
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- Oh, well, well ...
- Oh, well, well ...
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His Excellency
Loved poultry
And took under the protection of
Pretty girls!!!
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There are things which are absolutely invalid, nor caste walls, or even borders between States.
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Citizens! What is done? Eh? Let me ask you about it! Poor man all day very mending Primus; he was hungry... and where did he get the money? Where? I am asking you a question! He Istomin hunger and thirst. He's hot. Well, I took a test on poor Mandarin. And all-the price of the Mandarin penny. And here they are really whistling like spring nightingales in the woods, disturbing the police, detach it from the case.
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- You are not Dostoevsky, ' said the citizen, confusing Koroviev.
- Well, who knows, who knows, - he replied.
- Dostoevsky died, - said the citizen, but somehow not very confidently.
- Protesting passionately exclaimed Hippo. - Dostoevsky is immortal!
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... However, after a few hours he began very much to want to drink, then he went to bed and through the day a beautiful Neapolitan, makarivska her husband's soup was free as a spring breeze.
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Nothing can be nastier than when I came the first guest knocks, not knowing what to do, while his lawful shrew of a whisper nags him because they arrived first. Such balls should be thrown in the trash Queen.
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To whistle, do not argue, - condescendingly said Koroviev, do the whistle, but, to speak impartially, to whistle very average!
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Honey, the fact of the thing that closed! That's the whole point! And outdoor subject can get every!
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Just think, the binomial theorem!
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