Character: Zeus

Once you get into a fight, win. This is how all the gods are.
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- And you don't understand? You are all a bunch of idiots. Hatred, revenge - all this is nonsense. There is no reason. Do you need a reason to protect your children?
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Hera, not all of you caress my decisions to know; they will be painful to you, although you are my wife!
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- He really have a crush on her! Too much convincing, he says.
Don't need convincing.
- He replays! Can't listen to it!
- You're not asking. You do him a microphone pinned. He simply handles.
- A little more and he was quite... "work"!
1 Season 12 Series
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- She reacted, but not in words about pictures, and when you flirted with her.
- You see, what you've achieved!?
- She's excited, and I'm to blame!?
- Also itself reacted in a conversation with you. Now who is to blame?
In General, the failure that was phenomenal!
Quote Explanation: Sam and Eddie are disguised as FBI agents tried to talk the thief of the paintings, checking the lie. She's screwing with their brains and flirted with both.
1 Season 12 Series
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It is a feeling that comes suddenly and is the most valuable thing in life.
1 Season 7 Series
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This is a great horse! With chicken brains...
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Between water and the feminine there is a clear complicity, as between masculine and fire.
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Ah, unfortunate, you we almost gave to Peleus,
The mortal son of earth, ageless and immortal you?
Is that you with the poor people of sorrow know?
Because of the creatures that breathe and crawl in the dust,
True in the whole universe there is no more miserable person.
But not pechaltes: you did in the chariot shiny
Hector will not be borne on his beautiful triumphant: I will not suffer!
Or not quite that he was Achilles armor to be proud of?
You I new fortress will invest in the knee and in the heart;
You Automedon sound of a fiery battle to save
To the black ships, and the Trojans the glory of still I give
Army beat until ships made seaworthy,
And sunset the sun and the darkness of the Holy snidal
Quote Explanation: About The Horses Palida
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Ah, ill-fated, the soul of you and not feel death,
Close to you! You have put on the immortal armor
Strong husband, who all bronenosca tremble!
You killed him crotchduster, brave friend
205И armor hero Chapter, and the ramen is unworthy
Ripped off! But I will give you overcoming strong in battle
The bribe that from the hands from you, vozvrativshis with battlefield
Glorious weapons palida your Andromache will not accept!
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We can't interfere. To make people believe in us, we must believe in people.
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To be a warrior, not enough skill to hit the enemy's sword, you need to know more reason to draw your sword!
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Bad love is not necessarily harmful. It can be beneficial if the one who is freed from her, regaining himself, but improved. It burns in the heart of the adult that remains from childhood.
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Our first beloved left us a deep imprint. Then we do mark other.
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