Character: Dionis

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People can't be trusted. Man is by nature embodied greed. People can not be trusted.
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Christians have one guy turns water into wine. He's the God.
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Good deed happens to be, has the same effect as the sword.
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But it's all a fiction, - I said. Is myths that were created to explain lightning, seasons of the year, well, stuff. This is what people believed until science.
- Science! - mockingly chuckled Mr. D. - But tell me, Perseus Jackson... I shuddered, because he called my real name, about which I never told anyone, so people will think about your "science" two thousand years? Huh? Call it primitive "mumbo-Jumbo". So. Oh, I love mortals - they have absolutely no sense of perspective. They believe that so far-Oh has moved at all...
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We must live beautifully, Lala is mine!
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