Five random quotes

And the man loved his great immortal soul. Because what we don't know what you don't see every day, can't what to touch, what not to find household banal flaws, it's so easy to idealize, turning into a miracle - love the easiest.
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If something's very expensive, it doesn't matter, this old thing, or tired, or useless, as any scrap; your love enhances its value in the eyes of others.
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... all the most violent and vociferous members of any party are surely embedded in her enemies - on the subject of division and bullying... And nothing - has involved work. Not worse than others...
Well, I think, a spy!.. This means that gold, not the employee! It's their - bums, and an enemy agent will plow day and night, if only to avoid suspicion...
Well, not without sin, of course... Sometimes I would give for a cordon some the x - files- because they're not used... Case has not been to used!.. Von Richard Sorge, a plain text is passed, when the war starts. Many listened to him?.. As Schellenberg!.. All data posted to the führer - as in, almost on his fingers proved that it is impossible for the USSR to attack... And the result?.. But this is Sorge! This Schellenberg! What can we then say about the scouts shabbier! Yes, their reports do not read - too busy...
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Family... I don't need it. Yes and I have no family. I want to grow up quickly.
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From the perspective of hell, the main lure of Hotties that her horns and hooves.
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