TV series: Wolf / Werewolf (Teen Wolf)

- Not if I stay with the villains.
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There is no good or bad, but there will be either living or dead.
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Even a little, but you will return yourself if you forgive yourself. If you manage to do this, then perhaps you will learn to forgive others as well. Perhaps someone really needs it.
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For me, it's more than just guilt. It feels like I've lost something... And it can't be returned...
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I suggest you listen to your heart to understand your head.
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The real battle right now is between your head and your heart.
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- When instead of taking a life, you manage to save it.
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- I would believe it. And I also know that wanting to kill someone and killing are not the same thing at all.
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- Someone like Scott...
Quote Explanation: The Sheriff learns that Stiles accidentally killed Donati Donovan while defending himself.
- Someone like Scott...
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I know that something is coming, but my thoughts are one thing: will I make it? 'Cause I can barely breathe.
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People can be saved from death, but cannot be saved from life.
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When you drown, you try not to inhale the water until you start to lose consciousness. This is called "voluntary sleep apnea". No matter how crazy you are, the instinct to keep water out is so strong that you fight until your brain boils with suffocation. Then, when you finally breathe in, the pain will stop. No more fear. This is one kind of peace...
Quote Explanation: Stiles at the psychologist's appointment
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Your hearing is tuned to levels of the universe that others cannot hear. But only if you listen.
Quote Explanation: On Lydia's gift.
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- But you want something in return.
- Nope. I've dedicated my life to helping narcissistic teenage girls. Of course, I want something in return.
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You cannot find strength without pain and struggle.
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