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After death, we are all fellow countrymen ...
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They say that you can only go to hell once. If that's true, then I shouldn't be afraid of him after death. I've already lived through hell on earth. I spent four years in the underground prison of Viktor Mokhov, not knowing whether I would live or die.
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Doomed to live forever on earth, humanity will always be drawn to the light. People will always strive, overcome, and never stop. Sealed eternity, of course, is amazing, but its essence is death.
Quote Explanation: Philosophy about "Light".
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Don't we all die alone? Those we love cannot go with us.
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We have always died of discouragement: when our soul breaks down, then we die.
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Such a life awaits him that dying now is not the worst option.
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- Yes, but suddenly there will be another meeting! Time is a weird thing, and life is even more amazing. Somehow the wheels or cogs turned wrong there, and human lives intertwined too soon or too late. I am too healed in the world, it is clear. And you were born either too early or too late. Terribly annoying mismatch.
Quote Explanation: 95-year-old Helen Loomis and William Forester, who is only in his third decade, turned out to be soul mates to each other. Spending their days in the old woman's garden, they enthusiastically chatted about being, travel, literature, art ... But Helen Loomis feels that her years are drawing to a close, and she can only thank William Forester for the best, albeit last, August in her life.
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- Yes.
- Yes.
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Did you even want my birth?
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Love is poison, love is death.
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This is death from a thousand cuts.
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Death has no rules.
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“I’m watching you begging for death. This creature can kill you like this, - the girl snapped her fingers.
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- If he has no head, how does he know who he is following? Martha pointed out.
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