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Just as bad water makes the best wines useless, so evil conversations corrupt people who are virtuous in life and character.
Quote Explanation: Anthony the Great "Instructions on Good Morality and Holy Living"
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You can endlessly look at three things: how water flows, how fire burns, and how people make mistakes.
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I was born on the driest land in the world, where the only dripping water is tears. Birds do not live in our desert. Animals bypass this place. Snakes do not crawl, spiders do not weave webs. Only we, people, invincible creatures, built our dwellings there.
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Be like water. Your mind should be as cold and pure as a mountain spring. Anger, fear, doubt, vanity, lies - all this is rubbish floating on the surface and preventing the truth from being seen. Get rid of it, and then you will be able to see your Path more clearly.
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- Ponyo wants a hand. I want real legs. I want legs like Sasuke's.
- Ponyo wants a hand. I want real legs. I want legs like...
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will they taste good?
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Well, I will answer that this is a feeling that cannot be shown to anyone except the person you really trust. A person who is always ready to help and support. The man who never betrayed you. Potamushta all the rest will laugh and leave. Because the people who surround us ... well, as people, not people have deteriorated for a long time. I shield that there are no bad people, but there are simply not people!
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I raise the stakes, I will expose you.
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She is not able to wash away these echoes.
№ 430223   Added Viker 05-10-2021 / 18:09
I dissolve in your stream, as in priceless wine.
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If only I could dance with you again ...
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drop - the popular belief contains such a name - but it cannot be said that I was alarmed only because of this parable. No. As soon as Ian told me the terrible news, his memory helpfully threw in the details of the night of Frank's death. While I was driving to Lallibroch, I could not get rid of these intrusive memories.
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Tightens the leaves from all sides ...
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- That's what the old sailors call the soul. They believe that our sins are hidden in the depths of our souls, like sunken ships at the bottom of the sea. Dark water is a human soul, and Old Tom hides in it.
Quote Explanation: Old Tom - Devil, Demon, Satan
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I noticed that the others were looking at the scene of the carnage with the same cold interest; when the blood is not yours, it is just like wine or water.
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