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Be like water. Your mind should be as cold and pure as a mountain spring. Anger, fear, doubt, vanity, lies - all this is rubbish floating on the surface and preventing the truth from being seen. Get rid of it, and then you will be able to see your Path more clearly.
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Dressing up, cleaning, washing - all this takes time and work; and the thought of work made Peredonov feel melancholy and fearful. It would be nice to do nothing, eat, drink, sleep - and that's all.
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After all, everyone, once having lost peace, is ready to give himself free rein and will not believe the fear in reality.
Quote Explanation: Letter 13.
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Fear certainly feeds the illusion of danger, but you need to make an effort - not to be afraid of it.
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The main thing in life is not fear. The main thing is the choices you make when you're scared.
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Today I woke up with helplessness, indifference, boredom and fear lying lazily on my chest.
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Do you know what I get it? I don’t want to die, I don’t want to. But I don't care about life either. And it scares me wildly.
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Fear is a defense mechanism, an instinct that helps us survive. Lack of fear is not at all the same as courage. If a car rushes at you, and you continue to stand, this is not courage, but stupidity.
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Fear appears because there is no dispassion.
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Climb to the highest step!
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The origins of fear in Freud coincide with the "scientific thesis" in 1 John. However, the diametrical difference is that the author of the message speaks of love in a spiritual sense, and Freud in its elementary, sexual meaning (libido). But is the chasm insurmountable? We do not want to narrow it down, but it is worth considering the following: it is indisputable that even the highest spiritual experiences do not pass in the mental life without bodily sensations, although they do not have to be sexual. Some psychologists, the same William James and Karl Lange, even went so far as to mistakenly believe that feelings are just the result of innervation of muscles and blood vessels ... higher intellectual functions. On the other hand, Freud, studying sex drive, over time expanded the concept of sexuality, admitting into it the Platonic idea of Eros and the German word "Liebe" - love. This terminology has led to endless confusion. But Freud emphasized more than once: by "sexuality" he means everything that includes the word "love" - and if you remember this, the objection that his theory is pansexual loses its validity. This view is supported by other arguments. And I do not know of a single psychologist who can argue against John, who brings fear out of love. Only in the Bible is fear perceived more spiritually and therefore not as widely as in modern psychology.
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If you are fortune hunters, Edward Kenway is your captain. Just ... don't stick your nose in his business. He holds many secrets ... about them and I'm afraid to ask.
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- Women. Having imprisoned us in the basement, he felt himself master of the situation, but still he continued to be afraid. To defend himself, he tried his best not to see us as human. We were only sexual objects for him. Some men buy inflatable dolls, and Viktor had Lena and me.
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- Communication with those who love me. But I was in a very difficult emotional state. Probably many of my actions made them worry.
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Everyone is afraid to be simple, because an ordinary person is like Ivanushka the fool from a fairy tale. The fear of looking like a fool is constantly complicating things. Over time, a person's thinking becomes like a labyrinth - complex and confusing. Try to get out of this maze.
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