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He's from Netflix - Oh my God. Only watch it if you want to spend the next 36 hours of your life terribly depressed and then not eat fish for 18 months.
Quote Explanation: About watching the documentary "At the end of the fishing rod" about the depletion of fish stocks
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The larger ones always eat the smaller ones. Bears eat seals. The seal eats fish. The fish eat worms. The worms eat the soil. Hence the conclusion - no one eats cats, that is why they are so arrogant, there are so many of them, they piss in everyone's shoes. You can take all the cats and throw them all into the ocean. So to speak, stick cats in the food chain between the seal and the fish. Let seals eat cats, and cats eat fish. Perhaps it was early. That is why cats are so afraid of water. They are so afraid because they are afraid that there will be a seal lying in wait for them.
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A person begins to persecute from the soul!
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Anyone can die and sooner or later it will happen, but you try to go through all the tests, overcome all obstacles and show this world that you are worth something, that you are not just a drop in the ocean, but that you are the sea itself. Because a dead fish is downstream, but a live one is against!
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A fisherman who cannot swim freely is no different from salted fish washed ashore.
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Always with us, as it comes to the real thing, then there is no oil, then the fish is not caught, then the frying pan is slammed.
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A fish has lived in water all its life, Furukawa-san, and doesn't complain, ”Kisho said with subtle irony in his voice. - And you are angry with the usual rain.
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I hate fish. No, eating fish is a good way to let it know how much I hate it.
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And the little fish!
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Quote Explanation: Murzilka Magazine, № 6, 1986
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Petrovich is gone, everyone is in the ears of what he wants to hear. One for the USSR, the other for Washington, the same for the collective farm and the tractor, this for the city and civilization, the third for the revival, the fourth for the struggle, the fifth for a well-to-be and cheerful life ...
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Man is a fish in the ocean of madness.
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Storms come and go, waves crash overhead, big fish eat small fish, and I keep rowing.
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