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- Take it, take it. Nausea, of course, may not go away, but the head will definitely stop hurting. At least about this.
- Take it, take it. Nausea, of course, may not go away, but...
№ 454023   Added MegaMozg 03-06-2023 / 09:39
Time is freely given to us, but its limit is limited.
№ 453997   Added Lady_Lesya 02-06-2023 / 19:35
Time skillfully breaks even the strongest bonds, makes strangers those who previously swore allegiance.
№ 453993   Added Lady_Lesya 02-06-2023 / 19:29
Time erases faces, makes you forget names and dates. Only the fruits of perfect deeds remain.
№ 453992   Added Lady_Lesya 02-06-2023 / 19:27
I'm afraid to break!
№ 453947   Added MegaMozg 31-05-2023 / 10:48
Time is an unprecedented luxury that can be bought with only one currency - life.
№ 453849   Added MegaMozg 26-05-2023 / 11:18
If you weigh everything, then life with another person may seem easier ... But you can not be 100% sure that these relationships will be strong and built on mutual understanding. And in our time, with the help of books and TV, you can even build relationships with other people, albeit one-sided. In general, living alone is even less dangerous.
№ 453837   Added MegaMozg 25-05-2023 / 23:54
Time does not heal, but allows you to look at the past through recent events.
№ 453819   Added MegaMozg 24-05-2023 / 18:03
Or you can just live... open your palms and, without hiding your delight, contemplate how dazzlingly they rush down... kissed by the sun... unique... eternal...
№ 453811   Added MegaMozg 23-05-2023 / 23:48
The time when you do not know where to go is a great time to choose a direction.
№ 453763   Added MegaMozg 21-05-2023 / 17:06
Lilac. Time. Floating in purple mist. Time of fairy tales of the Countess de Segur. Purple haze time. Everything breathes clouds and aromas of lilacs. And at the feet of the trees carpets of lilies of the valley spread! Voloshba is everywhere. Good, light. The air is saturated with it. I breathe for the future. In the corners of the most secret hearts and souls I collect pictures, smells, sounds. For long and gloomy winters, for difficult moments. My medicine. My incredible May. I am writing pages about you in the book of my life.
№ 453746   Added MegaMozg 21-05-2023 / 03:12
To fill the soul with the sea to the brim, without fear of spilling. Get enough of the sea. Enjoy. Tired of rest. Leave. And start dreaming about the sea again...
№ 453739   Added MegaMozg 21-05-2023 / 02:36
The most important thing is the unity of the body, mind and soul. Therefore, you need to take time for each aspect of yourself, finding a balance between them.
№ 453590   Added MegaMozg 14-05-2023 / 18:45
And you pull me to the bottom!
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It's time to get a little stressed out and relax
Quote Explanation: The phrase of the Echo operative when he throws his robot "Yokai"
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