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Don't worry, you will still be popular in jail.
Dont worry, you will still be popular in jail.
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In fact, I am not a secular person, not very sociable and withdrawn - in short, not quite a typical actor. I do not like to be frank with strangers, burden them with my problems. It does not give me great joy when they point a finger at me on the street, throw themselves into their arms, turn to you. I prefer not to be noticed. Especially annoying was the increased attention to my person three or four years ago, when I had no job. Nobody needs you, by and large, but they continue to recognize you. It was sad.
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Observing "digital Shabbat", not taking the phone to bed, disabling notifications, trying to be more aware, you will be able to enjoy the "pluses" of technology and minimize their negative impact. The popularity of this approach is that you do not have to radically change your Internet life: you do not need to give up everything completely, you will not lose a single advantage, you will not disappoint any friend and nothing will cause you serious inconvenience.
Digital minimalism puts long-term intention above rapid satisfaction.
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In the old days, this was considered in the order of things. Back then, rich people were role models. You reached certain heights and became an example for others. Your whole life has been such an example. You didn’t expose your wealth in front of cameras or become the center of attention until you did something outstanding. Nowadays, these obligations to society have been lost. The rich strive for popularity, like any dishwasher.
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If you want to earn popularity - try to help people.
If you want to earn popularity - try to help people.
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I always hoped to be a big star. But as we age, we all lower the bar. Everyone wants to make an impression, to leave a mark on this world. But over time, you start to think that if you just could live your life and if in the end at least a couple of people remember your name, then you have already left a mark on this world. There is no need to try to conquer the whole world. I think it's better to have fun. Pay the bills and enjoy. But if you still shoot an arrow and it flies high - well then, congratulations!
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Now that you've graduated from high school that means you're technically an adult, don't you think it's time to move away from primitive constructs like popularity?
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Having made your way to the top, you get an audience. If the world knows you, ha, it's easier to shake it ...
Quote Explanation: Johnny Silverhend and Vee discuss street guitarist
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I am grateful to fate for the fact that I got into this film, it brought me popularity. However, with the heroine of the film I have nothing in common - not a single look, step. I am a believer, a Christian. Many years later, I look at myself in this picture and think - God, what a monster! But if I was filmed for who I am, it would be completely uninteresting. I'm an ordinary person, unexalted, unspoiled, I don't like big companies...
Quote Explanation: About the crime drama directed by Yuri Kara "Thieves in law". Quoted in the book "Dossier on stars" by Fyodor Razzakov.
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If they find out, they will forget. And then look for idols.
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