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A woman dims if she is deprived of a source of positive emotions.
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When you lie to her, she hates you.
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Yes, I don't understand it myself right now. I've done a lot of stupid things. Not so simple.
Quote Explanation: 2nd series.
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What is envy? Initially, she does not relate to the person you envy at all. Envy is your brain telling you
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May 24, 2023 "On the non-sovereignty and sterility of our creative class."
Quote Explanation: May 24, 2023 "On the non-sovereignty and futility of our creative class."
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Ukraine has lost its chance to be, it has lost its chance for sovereignty, national statehood, its position in the world, its interests. Ukraine simply should not exist.
Quote Explanation: Foresight forum "What kind of Ukraine do we need?", organized by the multimedia edition "Ukraine. ru" June 1, 2023 at the press center of MIA "Russia Today" in Moscow.
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The Greater Reality manifests itself as self-love. We can't tell whose love it is. With it comes the whole universe. Self-love is our consciousness, which occupies the whole universe. It grows on its own. A tiny particle in the original sattva becomes Conscious. Few people look at the cause of consciousness, at what it is made of. The sincere seeker sees clearly how his life and existence shines.
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People ignore the truth out of ignorance - and let it be ugly for them like Ilda Baoth, but still, the Divine.
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My child, if you want to achieve great things, you must constantly exhaust your mind with work, tire your bones and muscles with hunger of your body. This game is difficult and dangerous, but it will surely make you feel the suffering of ordinary people and understand that everything in this world is constantly changing. When you finally break out of your cocoon and become a butterfly, you will be able to succeed in the imperial court. I hope that you live up to my expectations and that you will return soon after completing your studies.
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If a dog barks at a cat, then she overlooked the lion in her.
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Falling in love is the meanest feeling in the world. She forces us to ingest deadly poison disguised as medicinal syrup.
Quote Explanation: Igor Orlov for "Own Avalon" magazine
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- I have a theory... If you want to get along with a woman, she must be beautiful just enough to turn you on and no one else. She was much prettier.
- I have a theory... If you want to get along with a woman,...
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Somewhere out there, far away, inspired, she flies to her date, beautiful, with a magical glow on her face in love. And on a completely different side of the planet, two such seemingly native people hold hands, cry and look into each other's tired eyes, say goodbye. Because there are no more wings behind their backs that would raise them to dreams. Someone drinks tea in their small empty apartment, biting with loneliness. And someone is building a house together, dreams and thoughts of a happy old age and cheerful grandchildren. This is life, so different, unique, but so painfully beautiful. To go through trials, to be tormented, to fill bumps and, with terrifying pangs of conscience, to slap others in the face, to take off and fall and take off again. To meet her, the one and only. Love.
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For no reason...
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... flowing ... laughing happiness ... running between the shoulder blades, along the vertebrae ... ticklish ... impudent ... blatant ... not daring to get enough of its relish ... filled with plenty ... that's why it lasts .. for years... in springs... and even if it repeats for the hundredth time... every time again and again... growing wings... this is it... Love...
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