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- Davros, Napoleon, Al Capone, Rani, Hitler ...
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Once or twice she tried to travel with a companion, so that there was someone to share the costs and nervous tension with, in order to ease the spiritual and psychological burden of long wanderings in space and time. But these people, whom she invited to her TARDIS, in the end only got on her nerves.
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And since she behaved like a beauty, she was her.
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- I would say: well done!
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I am so tired of all these stories about how women are looking for a man, how she hopes that at last he will come and cover him with a blanket of care and attention. Isn't it easier to make a career and choose yourself? Isn't it easier not to wait for some wonderful patron who will come and solve all your problems, but just take and solve all your problems? I sincerely want every woman to be at her favorite job, which she does well and brings her money. I am for independence. And I am for absolute independence in the wardrobe, including from stereotypes.
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- Communication with those who love me. But I was in a very difficult emotional state. Probably many of my actions made them worry.
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- No. No. It's ... it's true. But I know what it's like not to have a mother at all.
- No. No. Its ... its true. But I know what its like not...
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The loneliness of a woman is very similar to an invisible prison, from which she just cannot get out. Gradually, she forgets that she wanted to love, wanted to live with a man, wanted to have her own happy and strong family. She gets used to it, resigns herself and begins to hang curtains on the windows with bars.
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- Yes. Then she will look at her husband and not at me.
- Yes. Then she will look at her husband and not at me.
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- He told me that you did everything very gracefully.
- He told me that you did everything very gracefully.
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If there are problems in life, then it is predictable. Life without problems is scary.
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I moved to Beth, and she looked, not smiling, not saying a word. The light fell softly on her upturned face. There is something charming in a woman after a party, when she, so to speak, has already been run in, no longer looks or smells like a brand new car in a window. The nose gleams a little, scattered hair can be stroked, and painted lips can be kissed; the dress begins to correspond to the outlines of the body, and not to the feverish intention of the dressmaker. And, it can be assumed, the woman again feels like a woman, and not an embarrassed piece of art.
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On Leon's case, she was engaged in prostitution. But if, for nine years, as she is from the sixteenth year of her life, you know the scarcity of daily wages on the tavern stage, keep in mind the prices of toilets and linen, deductions, the stinginess and arbitrariness of the owners, the percentage of the eaten and drunk of the entertained guests and from the bill for a room in the neighboring histinitsa, if you have to deal with this every day, quarrel about it and have a commercial acumen, then what the layman admires as rampant becomes a profession full of logic, expediency and class laws.
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Why do diseases such as plague, smallpox, Spanish flu, and now the corona virus occur? This is because nature is tired of seeing how we mock her and how we destroy our planet, and she tries to get rid of parasites from it.
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“You shouldn't say yes at all, my lord,” I urged. - You are not angry with this creature? You gave him the power he now has. How dare he come and ask permission to change the oath? Don't give him that kind of relief! If the highest representative of the church is so weak that he denies and betrays the person who raised him out of nothing, let him deny in front of all the people. If this subhuman has a soul, let it be twisted and blackened. Do not compromise your power as a monarch.
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