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We don't know what can bring us joy. The heaviest heavy rains can lead to miraculous harvests.
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- Come on. There is hope, but there is no hope for what it is.
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Of course, I like to stay awake at night and enjoy the cool darkness. When darkness falls on the city, the mind is filled with silence, silence, calmness. The events of the day turn into a long forgotten past. Night is my favorite time of the day, because only in these dark hours I have hope that everything will be fine in the future. It is during the night hours that faith is born that everything will end happily. And as the night will be replaced by day, so grief will be replaced by happiness ... And fears will sink into oblivion and all frightening assumptions will turn out to be stupidity.
Quote Explanation: A quote from the double-named writer Elzarette-Victoria Keeneward (1995) from her philosophical short story "The Private Accuser"
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“You really are a witch,” Henrietta said respectfully. - Only not with a broom, but ... with an ax.
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Without light, flowers only wither and die.
Without light, flowers only wither and die.
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Hope is when the future seems more beautiful than the present, and real hope can only be paraded by determination.
Hope is when the future seems more beautiful than the...
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As long as a person hopes that he can still get by, he does not try to do anything desperate.
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The greatest achievement is not to lose hope until the last moment, of course this is easy to say.
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I am not an imam who tries to extinguish the hope that a sinner commits a sin on purpose.
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- We do not despair not for the sake of hope, the fact that we do not despair and gives us hope. It was he who taught me.
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It is hardly hope that makes us move on. No, I'm sure it's willpower, that's why you didn't stop and now that you have this willpower to save your students, you can still move forward.
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- I'm not hopeless. I am full of hope.
- Im not hopeless. I am full of hope.
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The meaning of life is to do the impossible.
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