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Starting next month, it is possible that the size of the pension will increase by 157 rubles. And the amount of child allowances may increase by 321 rubles. And who after that will say that Russia is not a country of opportunities?
Quote Explanation: Parody of "News of the week".
Release Date: 16.10.2019
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If you yourself do not know what words to call what triggers you in your children; what worries - watch the video of our program about plus-size or about XS, that is, very small sizes. The woman is not fat, but stately. The woman is not big, but tall. The woman is not short, the woman is petite. And even if this woman is your daughter, memorize what I said.
Release Date: 16.12.2021
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- Over time, everything decreases in size. Computers, phones, apples, knives, souls.
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Quote Explanation: Time in music is a notation symbol that characterizes the number of rhythmic units in a measure.
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crystal singing of spheres.
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- Have breakfast?
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A girl can hide her appearance, but her breast size cannot.
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Does not press with strict completeness.
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This is how a person is born, they put a tag on him with ounces-inches and indicators on the Apgar scale, so he walks with her all his life, only the numbers change and new ones are added. Age, IQ, income level, penis length or tit size, the number of subscribers on your Instagram channel - but you never know how people measure each other's success. And if you don't want to play these games yourself, they will still weigh you, measure and count you.
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- Size isn't everything. If the penis gets up only once, and even then no more than two minutes, what good is it if it is the size of a stallion? it doesn't matter what's in their pants, it's important how they can handle it.
Madame Prudham jumped:
- If you find someone who knows how to handle it other than stick it in the nearest hole, then show me it. It would be interesting to see what else can be done about it.
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the snow is just smoldering again ...
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Night fury. The speed is unknown. The size is unknown. An evil spawn of lightning and death itself, do not mess with this dragon, if you want to survive, hide and pray not to be found.
Quote Explanation: Hiccup is reading the Draconic Textbook.
Night fury. The speed is unknown. The size is unknown. An...
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It is possible that you will not be able to lift it off the ground.
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(From the book "Wandering Above the Clouds")
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