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- Someone like Scott...
Quote Explanation: The Sheriff learns that Stiles accidentally killed Donati Donovan while defending himself.
- Someone like Scott...
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Your father is not fearless,” Catelyn pointed out. - He is brave, and these are two different things.
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You can get the attention of anyone, try your best to be the perfect woman that a man dreams of. But often no one needs ideals. Sometimes women manage to fall in love with themselves, to make a man lose his head. But do you know what happens most of the time? Achieving the location of a man, a woman becomes comfortable for him. After all, for the sake of him, she crosses over her own interests, endures and lowers a lot to him. If you want to conquer a man yourself, you must be smart, insightful and know where the line is when you need to turn on pride and show character. Because about the spineless, El, wipe their feet. I'm not talking about the hysterics who are trying to "insert" the brains of their partners with scandals. No, baby, pride and tantrums are completely different things. Self-respect and cries of hopelessness are on different hemispheres, - she removes the stray strand behind my ear and, looking into my eyes, finishes: - You can achieve a man if you know that he is the right one. And even necessary! But this must be done carefully and cunningly so that he does not understand that a leash is being pulled on him.
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I stayed on the closet in the company of a cockroach that had long since departed into the other world and hardened washcloths. Infinitely dear to my heart precisely because of their uselessness to anyone.
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There are PROMISES that are sold to us at every turn, creating unrealistic expectations through exaggerated advertising. Trusting and incompetent people believe in fairy tales and buy hope and then become disappointed. While there are things that really work and give the desired result. It is sad to see how people who are forced to compete in a world of lies turn even the truth into a lie in order to be able to declare it and make money on it.
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The heart is not what it appears to us. What is to be seen in it? The Buddha said that one who contemplates his heart raises unnecessary barriers for himself. All things are essentially one thing. Why prove their equality? Chuang Tzu said that he who talks about the equality of things destroys their unity.
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like disputants to each other.
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Such things as divorce or adultery are unheard of there, and a married couple goes their way in life with the same friendly feelings and mutual benevolence that they have for all members of their tribe that meet on their way; they are not aware of jealousy, fits of tenderness, quarrels and annoyance at each other.
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- Ku-ku-ku ... And you there too ... Good old cliche. This is why I keep coming up with new theories and experimenting! Science is absolutely straightforward.
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- And I would be glad to answer yes, - said Ineni, - but there are things that are so far from human understanding that it would never occur to anyone to forbid them. Because this simply cannot be.
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I already know that.
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from selfless deeds?
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When we think back to the past, we usually find that the simplest things, rather than the great events, in retrospect, emit the greatest light of happiness.
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• The bitch broke his whole head, but he didn’t get a deep thought.
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