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Healing comes through repetition.
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Diseases of the soul return to us in the same way as diseases of the body. What we think of as recovery usually turns out to be either a short-term relief from an old affliction or the beginning of a new one.
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Eugene saw, very clearly, her whole life, and realized its value. She wanted to sit on the shore of the lake and touch the sand with her hands, clamp it in a fist and release it in a thin trickle back, watching every grain of sand intently. I wanted to look at the streaks on the plantain. Count the petals of daisies. Remember how they drew on their hands with calendula juice, imagining themselves indian princesses. Sniff spruce branches and young cones in the forest. And she touched, counted and sniffed. I remembered and cried. She pieced herself together. Anew. Digging up small details among the garbage.
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The threads of the past that held her to the unseen puppeteer were cut off. First, her hands were freed, Zhenya looked at them like the first time, wiggled her fingers, feeling surprised that they did not tremble, then her legs, gradually feeling solid ground again. The first uncertain step, the second. With each passing day, the painful weakness escaped, giving way to lightness and still timid strength.
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How beautiful, how wonderful it seemed to me now every breath of wind, every flower, leaf and bylinka, every floating cloud, all smells, and everything in general in nature! That was my first reward for the disease. How little I lost if the whole wide world gave me so much joy!
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It is not only important to recover. It is important to begin to look at life with different eyes. After all, many of us healthy, but ungrateful. We do not rejoice in his life, thank God. When you're sick, start complaining, and being in full order, don't say "thank God!". Therefore the main miracle that can happen to us during the illness - not only recovery, but also a new Outlook on life, with gratitude for what you have, without envy for what you don't. The miracle is, to say, "Thank you, Lord, for what I breathe, live, because I healthy!"
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Doctors never really kept the suffering of patients on the road to recovery.
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I have often seen love overcome the disease only through the will to survive. I believe the mind is far more impact on health than we think, and it makes no sense to speak the truth, if this truth is never true until it happens.
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Human nature is infinitely varied and contradictory, so that any treatment consists of patient experiment with a series of trial and error, where the doctor often plays the role of a spectator who watches the battle unfolding in front of his eyes, and no help from the outside is not even a quarter of the power of the restorative powers of the body, and pills and medicine often harm rather than help.
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Obviously nightmares somehow help us to cope with the stresses of real time.
Apparently bad dreams cure you of real life stress.
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And she [the mother] all the time, "Oh, you can't go because you're different. You don't have to expose yourself." She even used You in an argument: "Oh, just think what Kester would say".
- What did she think I'd say?
- She said You would think it was a bad idea. She knows about everything, as we say here. She doesn't know about what kind of work we did, so I became bold and confident. She constantly reminds me that I'm sick.
- I agree with your mom.
- No, You don't think so.
- You're recovering from a serious illness. If your leg was broken you would have tried to run a marathon after only 2 months?
- So You still think I'm unhealthy? Who were You arguing with? Last week, in the Parking lot. I've seen You. How can I afford to listen to someone whose life is in even more disarray than mine? What's the point of these sessions?
To find out what pushed you over the edge and to prevent it in the future.
- Oh, You're always asking questions. Why would you hurt yourself why you're losing your mind? Sometimes there is NO why. I just do it! To be here and being asked about it every day. So I can't leave it in the past! I was bored. I was all alone. I didn't have friends. Now I'm finally popular. And again You want to make me feel different.
1 Season 5 Series
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- A sick person needs rest.
- A sick person is required, and the patient, the Genie is not required. If the patient will regret it immediately recovers. Really you do not know your science books?
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