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What is the sense of life? Yes, there is nothing as deep as some think. Everything is just what it is. Sleep on the bed. They eat food. They go to school, although they don't want to. And you just are. And you have the ability to be whoever you want. What if you find out that you were made to die? What will change? Is it really going to affect you somehow. Well, you will die someday. So what? Is this an excuse being thrown from the roof? NO! I'm sorry, what? Is life terrible? So make her beautiful. What's stopping you?! The meaning of life is to find it! And do not whine that he is not! Of course you don't have it! You sit back and do not look for him. Instead of pulling yourself together and looking for meaning, you dig yourself a hole. Alo! He's not there! Stop digging, you won't find him there. It's too easy to fall through, unlike you. Get up and start doing something other than self-delusion, and the meaning will come to you.
Quote Explanation: Cry from the heart. That's who the author of this is.
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- So we won't die.
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Personality definitely knows the significance of Humanity. Carefully protecting, she clearly understands that the complexity of life is not a reason to humiliate Her even with a single act.
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As long as marriage exists, prostitution will not die. Do you know who will always support and feed prostitution? These are the so-called decent people, noble fathers of families, impeccable husbands, loving brothers. They will always find a venerable excuse to legitimize, ration, and banish paid debauchery.
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It seemed to me that I had a reason to attack you, but no.
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Release Date: 27.09.2021
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I felt the need to capture my own reality. You can call it an escape from reality. If you experience discomfort in real life, you can live in your fantasy world and control in it what is not really controllable. I think this is a great excuse to start composing.
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God is looking for a reason to have mercy on people and the world. Monks give this reason.
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- You will always have time to see your family in the next world. Don't upset them with your unhappiness. Live a decent life for them.
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Release Date: 06.09.2019
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Your self-loathing is no reason to hurt yourself more. Your self-flagellation is just a trick to make you feel better for a while.
Quote Explanation: An appeal to Misato.
Your self-loathing is no reason to hurt yourself more. Your...
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You come home from work
and reluctantly talk to yourself,
then reluctantly, then evil, then carefully:
- What is the fate, era, rock,
I'm just human and lonely,
as much as possible.
Snow is everywhere, and mortal longing,
and a coffin, apparently, board.
Kill yourself? Maybe not a nightmare, but
though there would be a reason, there is no such thing.
Suicide - at the age of eighteen
still okay, at twenty-two - vulgar...
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And laughter is stupid and the reason for laughter is autobiographical.
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Journalists are in the invisible hunt for watch brands of public people. It's always an informational occasion.
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He who does not love the truth turns away from it under the pretext that it is contested.
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