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In the era of Chunqiu (the era of "Spring and Autumn"), Gong Huan from the kingdom of Qi undertook a military campaign to the kingdoms of Shangrong and Guzhu. The campaign was successful, the weaker kingdoms were conquered. When it was time to return home, Gong Huan's army faced an unexpected problem. Guzhu was quite far from the Qi kingdom. Huan's army went on a campaign in the spring, and completed it only in winter. By this time, snow had already fallen, and the surrounding landscape had changed so much that the troops could not find their way back.
In the end, they finally lost their way. Everyone was in a very anxious mood. Then the chief adviser Guan Zhong said to Gong Huan: "Old horses always remember the road they have already walked once. Why don't we rely on their wisdom? Let them guide us." So they did: they put some old horses at the head of the column and allowed them to find their own way to the house. After some time, the horses brought the army home.
An old horse knows the way (lǎo mǎ shí tú) it is said about an experienced person who knows how to behave in various situations, and knows how to find a way out of difficult situations.
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On such hikes, girls in tight pants should always be allowed to go forward, then the road will be filled with beauty and spectacle.
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One kind of travelers never existed. <...> 90% came at that time to the hostel - it was besserebrennikov, madly in love with the mountains. These were people who were not interested in anything except the activities for which they came. Is: in winter - skiing, summer - Hiking, and they are not particularly interested in what numbers, living conditions, etc., They were not as pretentious as most of the current travelling public, brought up in the sanatoriums, rest houses, etc. It's not tourists, it is the audience is resting. And that was the tourist crowd. They didn't care what gear, what her living conditions, if only there were mountains, a roof over my head and some food.
Quote Explanation: Interview in Moscow, may 10, 1998
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I do not like these hikes - you eat crap and you eat stuff.
4 Season 5 Series
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But you know, I'm sure no matter how seething life away from the mountains, before, now and tomorrow they will remain the strongest magnet for thousands of people. Everyone is looking for them in his own, he needs. And - finds! That's the point.
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- Why ban all four of us to certain death and agony to doom?
- Why four?
- If one of you goes, I go. But let my blood, then will fall on your head.
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