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It was a beautiful summer morning - one of those when you feel happy just from the fact that you live. Perhaps this person would be happy that he is alive. But, unfortunately, he was dead.
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Beauty lives within. Outside - only its reflection.
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When, along with the cherry and apple tree, something inside also blossoms.
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It seems to me that when you love, you want to love even more at the sight of the beautiful that excites us.
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Behind the beautiful there is always some kind of tragedy. And for a modest flower to bloom, the flour of the world must be bitter...
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What should have happened to a person so that he would hate and try in every possible way to avoid this wonderful and magical feeling like love?
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The artist must look (and not only look, but also be able to see) the beautiful in all areas of his own and others' art and life. He needs impressions from good performances and artists, concerts, museums, travels, good pictures of all directions, from the very left to the very right, because no one knows what will excite his soul and reveal creative secrets.
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Love ... it always complicates everything, changes values, priorities, sometimes even worldview. Love is a wonderful feeling, it makes many stronger, kinder, more compassionate. But love can also become a serious problem if it comes at the wrong time and to the wrong person.
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A decent person is like order in the kitchen: the table is clean, the floor is swept, the chairs are in their places. There are no dirty dishes, the trash is cleared away, and the kitchen utensils are in perfect order where they should be. There is no dust or crumbs on the floor or on the table. A decent person has the same purity in his soul, which is why it is so pleasant to be friends with him. And sometimes it looks like a clear, radiant sky, in the depths of which beautiful, amazing blue lanterns sparkle. Or on a clean, beautiful sea with sun glare on the water. Such a person pleases others and helps to think only about the good.
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A good, intelligent person is like cleanliness and order in a closet: all things are folded beautifully, evenly, neatly, compactly. Talking with such a person is both pleasant and useful for everyone. And sometimes it looks like a beautiful, clean, radiant sea, in the innermost depths of which amazing treasures of the soul shimmer.
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Anything ugly can be beautiful. And everything beautiful is vile.
Quote Explanation: Shakespeare on Jack the Ripper
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Much more than perfect.
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This is who you must become. An artist... a sculptor... an architect.
This is who you must become. An artist... a sculptor... an...
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May your day be warm and gentle, quivering and cozy. Let the sun into it, endow it with a smile - and the autumn wind will certainly bring you such a simple, such a wonderful happiness.
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