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Everything in life becomes boring if you chew quickly.
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It is mean under the guise of piety to pretend that you are devoted to your good, faithful, sympathetic and naive friend, but to be with him only for your own personal benefit. You realized that he knows little about life, believes everything, trusts everyone and has little experience in various kinds of affairs - and began to use his naivety. And he, like a fool, believed and thought that your words and promises were really sincere.
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Without love for life, neither the realization of human duty nor its fulfillment is possible. Only with her will he be a free choice and an exciting and proud occupation.
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The anxieties of real life cannot divert the actors from their theatrical passions.
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... Change is the only constant component of my life.
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... We met through children - at a certain point in life, people make new friends this way ...
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All women who have lost their husbands are simply lonely. And about grief, they turned it down. Many women hated having to take care of their husbands all the time. They finally got rid of the hateful burden and are ready for a new free life! That's it! Loving couples sharing all the anxieties and secrets! Perhaps some of the husbands present at that evening sewed it on themselves.
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Caring for the weak is good, but not at the cost of one's own life. Sometimes it's not worth interfering ... with the natural course of things.
Caring for the weak is good, but not at the cost of ones...
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not worth the power over yourself!
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The sword is a true friend and keeper of the life and honor of its owner. She does not leave him in the face of disasters, dangers and unkind meetings, unlike flatterers, these vile henchmen of wealth.
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Why do we love life, dreaming of its eternity? Thanks to the awareness of the value of human life and its culture, the experience of feelings and emotions that bring joy. And for the sake of love and dreams, of course, it is important to live fully and with dignity.
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Wherever it takes the seeker of the truth of life. If you live by imitating others, follow the stencil, along the beaten paths, the probability of meeting her is small. And only by acting in your own way, uniquely, committing "rash acts", walking along the paths unbeaten, you can meet this very truth.
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Condemned... They invented such a word... And who is he convicted, how many people have the moral right to condemn, those who have never violated the law in their lives. There is no such. "He who is without sin, let him throw a stone at me." We know the definition of a person who condemns others for what he himself does quietly - a hypocrite.
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To understand oneself, to know oneself is the main thing, the main thing and the hardest thing in a person's life.
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The boundless expanse of life opens up to those who have swum behind the buoys - to those who have violated the ban. You risk dying, you risk being caged, you risk because you know: "I can."
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