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• Forgiveness is a special gift, not everyone can do it.
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Everything around is a cycle. Everything has its beginning and its end. This requires understanding, because there is no life in stagnation. Life in a circle. In the destruction of the old and the creation of the new. In birth and death, in love and hate. In faith, without which everything loses any meaning. Past events affect the present. Everything that happens in the present will have consequences in the future. A vicious circle where we live in the world built by our ancestors while we improve it for our descendants. This is exactly the wisdom that the goddess of time and destruction carries in herself, replacing anger with mercy like the phases of the moon.
Quote Explanation: Quote from the story “Kali. The call of darkness."
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Every moment of our life where there is falsehood reduces our chances of remaining human.
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- I am a writer.
Quote Explanation: Byron Tiller reads an excerpt from his book at a meeting with readers, and then signs the books.
- I am a writer.
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You know, when a man... at any cost wants to provide for his family, he can lose the meaning of life... in one moment. It has nothing to do with love.
You know, when a man... at any cost wants to provide for...
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What is envy? Initially, she does not relate to the person you envy at all. Envy is your brain telling you
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Everything important for you is determined only by you, so it does not matter what and who says about your choice or decision. You alone determine the course of your life. Be true to yourself!
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Jora Bayramov.
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Truly happy is the one who, at the end of his life, will remember the childhood of his children, and not his own.
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Monotony contributes to the “working out” of life, and only vivid emotions make us feel alive again.
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I wish you to be the last in your life!
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Often, a person resists not circumstances, but the life that he has chosen for himself.
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To make fewer mistakes in this life, do good deeds!
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Smile at yourself in the mirror. Do this every morning and you will notice big changes in your life.
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No one knows how the one who goes through life laughing cries at night in a pillow
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