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Well, the country flies to pi ...
№ 434478   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 18:43
Well, the country flies to pi ..
№ 434477   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 18:43
Strong bow - as Odysseus called her. Fixed star. A woman who knows herself.
№ 433207   Added MegaMozg 17-12-2021 / 12:30
After all, the WORLD, in spite of everything, is beautiful!
№ 433101   Added MegaMozg 14-12-2021 / 18:15
Returning friends to your house.
№ 432482   Added MegaMozg 03-12-2021 / 10:39
but we call them by name.
№ 432423   Added MegaMozg 02-12-2021 / 08:54
- You are very secretive. We lived for fifteen years, and it never occurred to me that you were a speed skating star.
№ 431954   Added MegaMozg 13-11-2021 / 12:09
- This is the British answer to all questions, isn't it?
№ 431889   Added MegaMozg 11-11-2021 / 16:36
You shine for everyone, and I ... I wander in the darkness.
№ 431055   Added MegaMozg 20-10-2021 / 19:15
The Polar Star is burning.
№ 431045   Added MegaMozg 20-10-2021 / 18:36
My star, I fall asleep every night wrapped in your dream of a future life.
№ 429448   Added Viker 29-09-2021 / 18:10
Evening light... On a patterned tablecloth
Bread is on the table, water in the bucket.
An evening star shines through the window,
And the tree bowed down in a black shadow.
Evening light, evening thought wave...
I take a break from the work of the day.
And I carefully break the fragrant bread,
And around me - prayers silence ...
№ 424828   Added MegaMozg 02-08-2021 / 20:39
There is something to pay but I do not want to win at any cost, I do not want to put my foot on my chest, I would like to stay with you just to stay with you but the high star in the sky calls me on the way.
№ 423569   Added MegaMozg 17-07-2021 / 16:06
Beauty is like gravity. That is, the more a person fills the moment with himself, the more you are drawn to him. It's like the larger a star or other cosmic body, the more it pushes space, creating gravity. Everything is the same here: the more a being fills the moment with itself, the more others will reach for it, be attracted - this is the attraction, this is the attraction. When in the moment you have eggs to live your emotions to the end, in the moment to formulate them for yourself, share them and act from them. Omit one of the four verbs: live, formulate, share, act - you can put an end to attractiveness.
№ 421110   Added MegaMozg 20-06-2021 / 01:54
No star can illuminate our path if the sky is covered with clouds ...
№ 420606   Added MegaMozg 10-06-2021 / 20:57