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Our lives are made up of memories. Every person on the planet is the sum of memories. They are about everything that happened to us before, but memories are elastic, plastic, often fickle. I think about my life and I have many memories. Like any person, I have done things for which I feel guilty, and many of the memories hurt me. Very painful. But it's still worth living, if only for the sake of happy memories, even if they are sometimes lost in the ocean of bad ones.
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"You know, Hibiki... I don't think you should take her place." None of us think so. Therefore, I ask you - do not hold a grudge against Tsubasa. And please, never leave her alone.
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The power of our renunciation is strong! So that not for themselves, but for each other and for the Fatherland! As long as there are such people in the Russian state, let it live and prosper to the envy of its enemies. On that we have stood and will stand from now until the end of time.
The power of our renunciation is strong! So that not for...
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not depend at all.
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Love with the bed too - it's not good to equalize!
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Sometimes I resent G-d asking why he made me live this life
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- Buy a bunk bed, will we live in a tent?
Quote Explanation: After Arthur helped Steve take out the company's hitmen
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So sit back and take a rest.
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Approximately this is how each of us exists, since each of us, in itself, is a freemason ...
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No one then imagined that the vanquished would live better than the victors...
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While people are looking for answers to questions, they have a reason to live.
While people are looking for answers to questions, they...
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Having created the world, you cannot do otherwise. In those patience, pouring yourself out by torment. What has become life is different. You cannot forgive with love. And waking up for the second time in a day. In the same world where he lived. And still trying. Maybe you can live.
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Knowing hell in immutability. The desire to live in discord gave life. What and who is the same. He's here and there, as always. Waves change in the river. A river flows into the ocean. What is known so modestly. And you are like me.
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- The people, my friend, I'm talking about the people. He proved this great, tenacious strength and his historical breadth both morally and politically.
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When we talk about the cycle of heat in nature, about the cycle of love in this nature, you must also generate this love. You need to learn to feel, live and not be afraid to love. Don't be afraid to stretch out your heart. Do not be afraid of how, it turns out, people can live to love. How, it turns out, people can lively stand up for what is important to them. How can people live for something and die for something
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