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Women invented cleaning so that they could rummage around in men's things without being pale.
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- They are not women, they are soldiers.
- They are not women, they are soldiers.
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Women - they are all the same, but they are all so different
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Women know everything but understand nothing
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Recalcitrant in nature - only a weed!
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Spring for a woman is a time of graceful flirting, dinners with light snacks. The poems she composes in her secret notebook. And simple but sophisticated images. Brilliant sexuality in the look, airy aesthetics of the lines of the dress - a sensual coquette descends right into your palm. Take care of it and keep it in the most comfortable and warm place of your soul.
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Yes, dogs all go to heaven... and wait for us there. And women, alas, go to hell.
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But finally, spring came to Far Far Away. Well, that is, how she came ... It's like with Vasilisa. Here Ivan calls her, let's say: "Vasilisa!" She says: "I'm coming!" But that doesn't mean she's on her way. This means that she will now take a shower, drink coffee, put on makeup, talk on the phone, if it is invented by that time. But I think they will. Because you know how much she wears makeup? That is to say, she said she was coming, but has not yet arrived. So it is with spring.
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Women... They do it on purpose to drive us crazy.
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The refined mind of a beautiful woman distracts the attention of men - from her main dignity.
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All of them are made of clay and gold. From lies and shocks. Of swindle and shameless truth.
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He knew he would be lost if he spent the night with her. It's like signing a bill of exchange with nothing to cover it. She will come to him again and again, play on what she has already achieved, each time demanding new concessions, yielding nothing on her part, until he is completely in her power.
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How beautiful a woman can be even in meanness.
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Everything will inevitably collapse. In her life, such a stranger, much is just beginning. Can you keep her? Innocently and without considering anything, like a plant towards the light, it reaches for temptations, for the motley variety of an easier life.
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