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“Of course I did,” she said. - By the time we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, that's for sure.
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Sometimes, our expectations do not completely coincide with the result ... The one whom we consider a vile enemy all our lives, in fact, turns out to be the most faithful comrade. The answers to difficult questions often lie on the surface. We ourselves complicate our lives without even realizing it.
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All knowledge in the world is questions that someone once found the answer to.
Quote Explanation: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality [part 1 chapter 14]
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Herzen is Prometheus, chained or, rather, chained himself to the barren rock of positivism, and his every mental flight, vague attraction to transcendental spheres will only make one feel more the chains of common sense, through which Herzen wanted to solve all questions of being. Herzen's philosophy is below his personality; a mental tradesman, a reasoner of common sense, strangles Prometheus, who is constantly being burned by that inner fire that he had stolen from heaven. This inconsistency of the worldview with the spiritual needs of the individual, who, however, cannot overcome it from the inside, is Herzen's spiritual drama. Where does Herzen point the way, where does he lead, if not with his opinions, then with his searches, his struggles and mental wounds, falls and disappointments? To that which is a radical denial of positivism and a spiritual victory over it - to an idealistic and religious worldview, to the recognition that behind the world of phenomena there is a realm of truly existing being, an ideal world, a kingdom of absolute Truth, Good and Beauty; in striving for it, in religious "contact with other worlds" (as Dostoevsky liked to express himself) is the life of the spirit, and this living connection with the ideal world gives strength, support and consolation in the struggle of life in the name of this ideal beginning.
Quote Explanation: "Questions of Philosophy and Psychology", 1902, book. IV-V.
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in fairness to others?
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And this is where the big problem arises. No idea. And the mechanisms of influence are no different from those that were once developed in the structures of the CIA. That is, they do not differ in any way. Bribery, blackmail, threats. The world hasn't come up with anything new.
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The inner questions that we ask ourselves determine the quality of the answers that life gives to them.
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2. Never ask a question that the government can answer without damaging its reputation.
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- This is the British answer to all questions, isn't it?
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Wise people often ask themselves this question in order to know themselves, but in order to find the answer to this question, they live a lonely life for many years and completely renounce the world. I don’t think it needs to be repeated, and I am convinced that the answer is inside and it will definitely be found. But you need to look for both externally and internally.
Quote Explanation: Quote from the book "Boundless Confidence"
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- My dear, Jesus did not think badly of His Father. Jesus knew that love lives in the Father's heart, and He loved His Son very much. The Father did not send the Son to die. Jesus himself chose death because He and His Father loved you and me and everyone on earth. He saved us from illness, as the princess did.
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In the arsenal of theology, I was looking for a weapon for holy war; I was looking for means by which the Gospel idea of ​​salvation could triumph in the souls of those who had lost their strength and succumbed to temptation - and would return the lost, broken, sick to the right path ... Neither historical, nor systematic, nor practical theology, taken separately, did not correspond this much needed requirement. In all ages, the Church was to be illuminated with the spirit of Christian love; she was called to give people this love and make them instruments of divine love - but in fact, in her history, the trace of such efforts is almost negligible, despite the examples of many whom love has transformed, and many who dedicated their lives to deeds in her name. Endless disputes about dogmas - cruel, fanatical, filled with hatred, and the more powerful, the more petty, insignificant and further from the understanding of love was their subject; disputes about the forms of worship, which were given magical power; fear, striking to the shiver of any believer, when he understood that his own conscience tells him to depart from the church charter - and thereby deprive his soul of salvation; a fierce hatred of heretics, who, knowing the Bible and faith, willy-nilly rejected old beliefs and adherence to church dogma, even if they attributed such deviations to satanic tricks; questions of power, money and law, resolved in spite of the gospel - all of this, as I found out, was much more concerned than the task of translating divine and human love into life. In an effort to prove that they better understood and embodied the religion of love, some Christians smashed the heads of other Christians who also served Jesus and wanted to be His disciples; often entire nations were involved. People killed, robbed, raged more mercilessly than beasts of prey - in the name of the One who died on the cross out of love and by death bore witness to the message of love brought by Him. Of course, there are many testimonies of sincere love and true piety in church history. And yet, if the criterion announced by Jesus in the Gospel of John becomes the yardstick, it will be that according to which disciples are recognized by mutual love, and not by subtle differences in dogmas; if it becomes His main commandment about man's love for God, his neighbor and himself; if they are the words of the Apostle Paul, who put love above faith and hope (1 Cor. 13:13), then the history of the Christian religion is more like a monstrous misunderstanding or an abnormal deviation from true Christianity. Dogmatic theology and its history, with their ruthless adherence to irrational dogmas that have nothing to do with love, seemed to me to be a roundabout maneuver undertaken with one goal: to bypass the main point of Jesus' preaching and demands. I saw how the Gospel and the doctrines of the Church horrified people, for any doubt about them threatened to be burned at the stake and in hellish flames; I compared it to the careless contempt with which the love of Christ was trampled upon; and I considered it as straining a mosquito and swallowing a camel.
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Theology is powerless to answer the questions that expressed our most passionate desire and our most painful needs - and by the fact that it failed to convey to us how salvation, rebirth and sanctification are accomplished, for it was not engaged in living faith, but with its side theoretical calculations in forms dogmas and religious theory.
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You don't need to read everything at all; you need to read what answers the questions that have arisen in your soul.
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- It looks like this is the second candidate to receive a dictionary as a gift. Android: humanoid machine gun. Martha, you can give the dictionary that you were going to buy to Celia, because Eve already knows what a humanoid machine is.
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