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The Internet sees censorship as a bug and works around it.
№ 434367   Added Viker 24-01-2022 / 14:32
For most modern people, it doesn't matter where exactly they are. What's the difference where? Today, people are only half present in reality, constantly with at least one foot sticking out in the great digital nowhere.
№ 432796   Added MegaMozg 10-12-2021 / 03:33
Cutting off a modern person from the Internet is like throwing a blanket over a cage with a parrot. Cuts off completely from the outside world.
№ 432371   Added MegaMozg 30-11-2021 / 09:21
The electronic world looks so clean, but you only knew how much dirt there is. It forces you to leave traces behind you, as if you defecate and urinate everywhere. And I don't want to leave anything behind. My favorite key is Delete.
№ 426410   Added MegaMozg 22-08-2021 / 14:54
But, there are people who are bewildered by interaction with hypocrisy - these are fools and children. They just can't figure out what to do: defend themselves or collect likes ?!
№ 424513   Added MegaMozg 29-07-2021 / 18:33
The Internet world acts like drugs containing drugs – a small dose is useful and a large one kills.
№ 424436   Added MegaMozg 28-07-2021 / 20:21
I was horrified when I realized that lately I have made a lot of friends on the social network, but not a single one has been added in my life.
№ 424435   Added MegaMozg 28-07-2021 / 20:18
The entire Internet world quietly makes me forget about live communication.
№ 424434   Added MegaMozg 28-07-2021 / 20:15
humanity. But there is also a radio, but there is still no happiness. It's the same with the internet. Once upon a time I dreamed that it would serve to bring people closer together. And it seems that dreams have come true, only somehow clumsily. How much anger, how many fraudsters have rushed here!
Release Date: 31.01.2020
№ 419219   Added MegaMozg 17-05-2021 / 19:36
A terrible dream of any modern person is to wake up in another dimension, where there are no mobile phones or the Internet.
Release Date: 31.01.2020
№ 419216   Added MegaMozg 17-05-2021 / 19:27
You look, Tuesday, and there's no one in the bar. Do you know where all the young people are? At home, he watches videos about some idiots on YouTube. We used to come here and we were idiots ourselves!
№ 416781   Added MegaMozg 13-04-2021 / 19:39
The Internet has already penetrated into all areas of our lives. And must obey not just elementary laws, formal, legal rules, but also the moral laws of the society in which we live. Otherwise, this society will be destroyed from within. And there, unfortunately, we encounter what? Not only with the call to go out in the framework of unauthorized street events. We are all adults and know about it - we encounter on the Internet with child pornography, with prostitution, with the distribution of drugs, where the target audience is precisely children and adolescents, with pulling out on the same street. In order to hooliganize, fight with the police, and then hide for the children, setting them forward. This is the use of children as an object, as a tool to achieve someone's selfish goals. And always the use of children as a source of profit.
Release Date: 04.03.2021
№ 414605   Added MegaMozg 07-03-2021 / 16:57
Trust me, it was a black day for the universe when people learned to look for the symptoms of their illnesses online.
№ 413380   Added MegaMozg 11-02-2021 / 03:24
There used to be white-handed writers.
Worked for a tiny discharged bunch.
And now the writer is the voice of the masses.
Will become himself at the cash registers.
№ 411819   Added MegaMozg 21-01-2021 / 08:27
The world is ruled by feelings. And if you give the average person a bottomless reservoir of human wisdom (we are talking about the Internet), he will not draw from it information that contradicts his deepest beliefs. He will not look there for what is true, but unpleasant. Most of us will look for something that is pleasant, albeit wrong.
№ 411770   Added MegaMozg 20-01-2021 / 13:33