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№ 436426   Added MegaMozg 09-03-2022 / 02:15
... Change is the only constant component of my life.
№ 434964   Added MegaMozg 27-01-2022 / 09:42
I know that something is coming, but my thoughts are one thing: will I make it? 'Cause I can barely breathe.
№ 434822   Added MegaMozg 27-01-2022 / 02:36
Everything is changing. Life, and with it the world, continues to move forward. But death? Death is inevitable, like the onset of night.
№ 434806   Added MegaMozg 27-01-2022 / 01:48
Life can be as changeable as the weather. So Imogen was not blind to the fickleness of life. She knew how fragile the threads that make up someone's existence can be.
№ 434685   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 20:00
You can read as many books as you like, take trainings and constantly reassure yourself that everything will change soon, as soon as you put the knowledge you have gained into practice. But in the end, constantly postpone the beginning until later and continue to think and reflect on the possible.
№ 434483   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 18:44
The problem many parents experience is that they spend too much time and effort trying to change the one thing they cannot change - their child's temperament.
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Themselves have become like fierce animals.
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