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I know that something is coming, but my thoughts are one thing: will I make it? 'Cause I can barely breathe.
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Do you know what to do to avoid drowning? Hold your breath and wait calmly, then your body will slowly sink, and soon you will find the bottom, then you need to push off from it and swim to the surface. You can fight and end up drowning, or you can wait until you can push off to swim up. You make your own choice!
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Perhaps this is what the breath of death did to the soul - it made you appreciate small joys.
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and I want to hold my breath, waiting for the Miracle.
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like life itself, with its impulses.
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• Give women attention - she will give you her tenderness.
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pouring out a majestic and harmonious melody.
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A warm calm thickened around me, as if I had returned to the womb, where my only concern was breathing. In the womb I was a particle of God, the one of the three that is born and dies; a seed that will become a tree and feed others with its fruits. There, in the womb, I was not afraid to live, but then I passed through a narrow opening and fell into human hands - they taught me to be afraid of life.
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People perceive the world so linear, you live, grow old, die. But the universe is much more extensive than you might imagine. History is not linear simply because it seems to you to be. She is alive and changing with numerous ebb and flow. History is more than a body of facts and is far more fragile than it seems. Of course there are fixed points, yes. He paused for a moment to catch his breath - things that should happen, and that should happen and always happens. It is those events that cannot change themselves and cannot be changed. Everything else ... the story is flexible, Rory.
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I recall late November, Holding my breath, slowly I said, "You don't need to save me, But would you run away with me?" Yes.
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“Sometimes it seems like you’re reflected in one of those crooked mirrors,” Clara said.
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“Sometimes it seems like you’re reflected in one of those crooked mirrors,” Clara said.
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It is impossible for the body to live without breathing, and the soul cannot exist without knowing the Creator ...
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Pauses in a conversation are sometimes more important than the entire conversation. This is exactly the moment when you can catch a piece of breath in the air. Breathing - it never deceives, it is the soul of the heart, but what could be more sincere?
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She saw atoms dancing around the room. She knew exactly the temperature of her coffee. She saw and understood the chemical processes taking place in the cup. But it didn't seem like a thought. She didn't need to concentrate or strain in any way. It was as natural as breathing. And at the same time, a feeling of strength and power came. Her hand reached out for the sugar bag in the vase on the table. She held it gently between her thumb and forefinger and watched it disintegrate into static electricity.
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