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Don't talk to me about admiration: that's not the feeling I need. Talk to me about love: that's what I crave.
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The main source of zest for life is admiration for the wonderfulness of life.
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Behemoth cat: - I'm in awe!
Behemoth cat: - Im in awe!
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Mokushla is my priceless one. My flesh and blood...
Quote Explanation: Maggie is known by the nickname Mo Chuisle (because of the inscription on the boxing robe given to her by Dunn). After an injury in the ring that led to paralysis, Maggie tries several times to commit suicide by biting her tongue. Doctors prevent suicide by exacerbating the patient's grave morale. One night, Dunn comes to her room and, before injecting Maggie with a lethal dose of adrenaline, explains to the girl the meaning of her nickname. Translated from the Gaelic mo cuishle means "my priceless" (literal translation - "my pulse").
Mokushla is my priceless one. My flesh and blood...
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Pull out this happy
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Strong people cause admiration, weak people - indulgent pity and tenderness.
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افعل ما انت مقتنع به ويعبر عنك
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I am a good idea, then you are wrong. Children only need encouragement, only the unconditional love of their parents, only admiration from their family. Children don't need criticism. Life is so hard. There is so much need to win, to fight, not to give up in life, that you really don't want to see your own family members as an enemy.
Release Date: 16.12.2021
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Something was stolen from each of us in childhood. All our lives, we have been trying to make up for this loss as much as we can. You, like me, were robbed by dad. He did not give you what he was obliged to give: love, admiration, tenderness, security, closeness. Instead, he was aloof and stern. Right?
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At that moment I understood a line from a Christian book that lay on the bedside table in my cell: "Let your light shine before people." I found out what my light is when I stuck the first needle into the genie. I'm lucky, but not everyone is so lucky - most have to work hard to discover their light.
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The only thing that Russia would need to understand is that the Nobel Prize rewarded a great Russian writer who lives and works in Soviet society. In addition, the genius of Pasternak, his personal nobility and kindness are far from insulting Russia. On the contrary, they illuminate her and make her love her more than any propaganda. Russia will suffer from this in the eyes of the whole world only from the moment a person is condemned, who now arouses universal admiration and special love.
Quote Explanation: The persecution of Boris Pasternak received a wide public response throughout the Western world. Major writers of that time, including Aldous Huxley, Albert Camus, André Maurois, Ernest Hemingway, supported the Soviet writer, sent letters to the USSR government with an urgent request to end the persecution of Pasternak.
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To clean and then varnish "La Gioconda" is the same as undressing the most desirable woman in the whole world. Yes, you will desire her, the woman stripped naked, but the sense of mystery, the great mystery, always disappears with the last piece of clothing. Admiration, charm will go down in history. It might as well be burned.
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You only hear how everyone admires the talents of one or the other, but is it great merit to be born with a given set of qualities? Likewise, you can admire a barrel of loto when the number you want comes out ...
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You can get into a woman's heart either through admiration or through pity.
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