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Tomorrow the sun will shine inside you. You have the Light.
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Look with slavery and filter the light.
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Darkness to love the one who perceives it as light.
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There are no more such friends.
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You know that many stars are no more, and their light flies to us through the void. The big star is bigger than our sun and it doesn't exist... Emptiness.
Quote Explanation: Smeshariki "New Season" series "Pipe"
You know that many stars are no more, and their light flies...
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April. Light again. Holidays time. Flower time. Lifetime.
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On the other hand, having become acquainted with the lecture "On the Law of Mutual Aid" delivered at the Congress of Russian Naturalists in January 1880 by Professor Kessler, the former Dean of St. Petersburg University, I saw that it sheds new light on the whole issue. According to Kessler, in addition to the law of Mutual Struggle, in nature there is also the law of "Mutual Aid", which plays a much more important role than the law of Mutual Struggle for the success of the struggle for life, and especially for the progressive evolution of species.
Quote Explanation: Pyotr Alekseevich Kropotkin "Mutual Aid as a Factor of Evolution"
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• You can live without a car, without alcohol, too, but how can you say Live without women?
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The white light is not dear to me, since there is no peace in my soul.
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Asexuals are a new generation of humanity that will eventually lead the world's population to prosperity and success. If only simply because people will stop intercourse with just anyone, and families and children will start up in them consciously and deliberately. The divorce rate will be lower, and the level of intelligence in children will be noticeably higher. After all, no one has yet canceled the principles of heredity, and therefore developed parents are more likely to have a developed child.
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Popular, - one must think, Jewish, - wisdom says: “Jews are generally not stupid people. Take the first eight that come across, and all of them will be like a selection - talents and smart people and maybe even geniuses. But the ninth will be - a fool. And it will be such a fool, such a phenomenal donkey and idiot, such as the world has never seen before!
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The sun is setting, the head is as if made of cotton wool. The light went out for me. I release my hands.
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Do not give up, seek - until you look with light into every unlit corner.
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and this taste will not be forgotten by many!
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and this taste will not be forgotten by many!
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