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To be found again in the morning.
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After all, the WORLD, in spite of everything, is beautiful!
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Just lying in bed.
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The next morning has come, and she still shows me off to work in her warm and cozy sweater. So many years have passed, but she is the closest person.
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Our city is nasty, and the police in it are even worse. I also wonder why dead bodies do not roll about on this square every morning.
Quote Explanation: Avinovitsky is a prosecutor
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Before, I often thought: how does it feel to wake up your girlfriend with a kiss? And the next morning I finally found out.
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Now it is light ...
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And people are constantly lying. Where the truth is is not clear at all. Everything is twisted, like laundry in a washing machine. Sometimes love is a lie, and sometimes a lie is love. Good morning schizophrenia.
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come in, but it turned out, apparently, something different, since someone still entered the room.
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“The universe will be torn to shreds, the planets will bleed and the stars will be shattered,” Missy winked at Yayani. - My usual Sunday morning.
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A morning that begins with a cry cannot be kind by definition. And it doesn't matter who is screaming and why. It can be a cry of pain, despair, anger, joy, warning - all the same, he who hears it must quit all his affairs, even if it was a leisurely cup of coffee, and find out what happened, and then act according to the circumstances. But with an almost one hundred percent guarantee, it can be argued that business will no longer reach coffee.
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You can't throw your body out of bed right away in the morning. You need to give him time to wake up. Just a minute - lie down, stretch like a cat. Your body will thank you for that. Just get used to waking up a couple of minutes earlier than required, and you will be surprised how much easier it will be for you to get up.
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The world cannot rid us of the twilight still hanging over it.
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Who stands over the kettle, it does not boil. My mother often said this, they say, who is standing over the kettle, he does not boil. And also there is no hood without good, the morning of the evening is wiser, time heals. Words of comfort that invariably caused spasms of teenage rage.
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Burn, burn, go away, run away in the mountains,
Not to know grief, not to know cities anymore.
On the trail go up to where the hot temple,
hot and white under the sun, like from a dream.
And the road burns behind you, and the city burns,
And coffins of concrete turn black, lie down, burn,
Only the track dragged you into its furious rhythm,
In a white rhythm, bringing to the finish of December.
I get out on the road, the road swallows me.
Oh, don't remember, don't remember, don't remember me!
Bury my memory obediently (don't remember me),
Dive down your throat (don't remember me).
Pulls the route - where the temple hovers over the mountains,
Where the bitter sea is clooching, and on the star,
What rises in the morning , - shepherds look in the mountains,
I've been going there my whole life, I'm going, I'm going.
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