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We live in a world where there are no completely good or bad people. After all, if in the kindest person in the world there is a drop of evil, then in the most evil person there is also a drop of good.
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At first I loved women, then animals. Now I love stones. They are as funny as women and animals, but less treacherous.
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Trust is like a piece of parchment. Once you crush it, it will never regain its former smoothness.
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Cutting off a modern person from the Internet is like throwing a blanket over a cage with a parrot. Cuts off completely from the outside world.
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The world is so cruel ...
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Be like water. Your mind should be as cold and pure as a mountain spring. Anger, fear, doubt, vanity, lies - all this is rubbish floating on the surface and preventing the truth from being seen. Get rid of it, and then you will be able to see your Path more clearly.
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If a person needs you, he will meet you a minute before the space flight. If they are not needed, he will not find time, even if he is dying of boredom.
Quote Explanation: Quote from the book "Delicious about love" (2021).
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There were cold days when it seemed that everything was a mistake and it was time to let her go, but she still hugged her and said that she felt like an angel was protecting her from all troubles.
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The next morning has come, and she still shows me off to work in her warm and cozy sweater. So many years have passed, but she is the closest person.
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Could I catch up with her, say that I won't let her go? I was looking for other women, being alone all the time. Sometimes it seems to me that fate or the Universe exists - it was my copy: just as cold, and sometimes hot, it also seeks the truth that is unknown to anyone.
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We are afraid of responsibility and unnecessary problems, although happiness is worth more.
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And so my days passed: I entered the role.
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You can trust everyone, but not everyone!
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There are people who bring pain to others, and there are those who are trying to overcome pain and move on.
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I promise....
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