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Dressing up, cleaning, washing - all this takes time and work; and the thought of work made Peredonov feel melancholy and fearful. It would be nice to do nothing, eat, drink, sleep - and that's all.
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Yes, after all, Peredonov also strove for the truth, according to the general law of all conscious life, and this striving tormented him.
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All are traitors. They pretend to be friends, they want to rather deceive. And they don’t even think that I know about all of them such that they have little room in Siberia.
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Peredonov tied the cat on a rope - he made a collar out of a handkerchief - and took him to the barber shop. The cat meowed wildly, tossed, resisted, sometimes in desperation he rushed at Peredonov, but Peredonov pushed him away with a stick. The boys were running in a crowd from behind, gurgling, laughing. Passersby stopped. They looked out of the windows at the noise. Peredonov sullenly pulled the cat by the rope, not embarrassed by anything. He brought it back and told the barber: "Master, shave the cat, and be nice." The barber was offended, blushed. He said in a trembling voice: "Excuse me, sir, we don't do this kind of business. And I didn't even have to see shaved cats. This must be the latest fashion, it hasn't reached us yet.
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The performance of all the rituals leads to some inner comfort: I went to church on a holiday, prayed - and was right, I sinned, repented - and again I was right. It was good and convenient, all the more convenient because outside the church there was no need to think about everything churchly, but to be guided by completely different everyday rules.
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Yes, bosses have a completely different life in the world.
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The strangeness in Peredonov's behavior worried Khripach more and more day by day. He consulted with the school doctor to see if Peredonov had gone mad. The doctor laughingly replied that Peredonov had nothing to get away with, but was simply fooling out of stupidity.
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Only the devil is poor, who does not eat bread, but as I still eat bread and even with butter, I am not poor.
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Evgeny Ivanovich Surovtsev, a gymnasium doctor, a small, black, nimble man, a lover of talking about politics and news. He did not have much knowledge, but he was attentive to the sick, preferred diet and hygiene to drugs, and therefore healed successfully.
Quote Explanation: 1902
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Your life, my friend, is an island cut off from all islands and lands; and no matter how many ships and boats sail to other shores, no matter how many fleets and squadrons come to your shore, you are you - an island, separated from everything by your pain, alone in your joy, alien to everything in your longing and incomprehensible in your secrets and riddles.
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The director, Nikolai Vlasyevich Khrapov, had a certain number of rules that were so conveniently applied to life that it was not at all burdensome to adhere to them. In his service, he calmly fulfilled everything that was required by laws or orders of his superiors, as well as by the rules of generally accepted moderate liberalism. Therefore, the bosses, parents and students were pleased with the director.
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And it's just gorgeous.
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The pig lived without enemies, and even that pig was slaughtered.
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Heredity is a great thing! To leave the men in the bar is stupid, ridiculous, imprudent and immoral. Teach the peasant as much as you want, but don't give him ranks for it.
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Our city is nasty, and the police in it are even worse. I also wonder why dead bodies do not roll about on this square every morning.
Quote Explanation: Avinovitsky is a prosecutor
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