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... and My Friend Truck. A coward1
'Cause baby, there. With grief in half1
'Cause baby, there. Let me go1
'Cause baby, there. Forever young1
[Gunshot Bride]. A guy in a coma2
[Gunshot Bride]. Until spring3
[Gunshot Bride]. Proof of life4
[Gunshot Bride]. The world for one3
[Gunshot Bride]. Signal3
[Gunshot Bride]. Radio loose wave3
[Gunshot Bride]. The wreckage2
[Gunshot Bride]. Crucified heaven3
[Jigoku Shoujo RUS cover] Len. Sakasama no Chou (acoustic version) [Harmony Team]1
[RUS COVER] tales of zestiria Song. I Got No Time1
#2Маши. Barefoot2
$uicideboy$. Sunshine3
$uicideboy$. $uicideboy$ - Meet Mr.NICEGUY1
1.5 kg of excellent puree. To be stronger4
1.5 kg of excellent puree. Extra-light1
1.5 kg of excellent puree. Relax2
1.5 kg of excellent puree. My pulse3
1.5 kg of excellent puree. Attempt2
10 Years. Wasteland1
12 Stones. Hey Love1
13Kai. Blah blah blah1
140 beats per minute. Eyelashes1
140 beats per minute. Poplar1
19:84. Today1
19:84. Winter1
19:84. with me1
19:84. One thousand nine hundred eighty four1
1ntroVert. No tears3
1ntroVert. Winter1
1ntroVert. Mathematician1