- It has nothing to do with whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment you received is that such a brave and intelligent animal like the Tiger cannot waste its time arguing with the donkey. And then also come to me with this question.
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You know about that; I have them!
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You know about that; I have them!
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by Vladimir Shebzukhov
The dried tree stood silently.
No one cuts, no one bothered.
During his lifetime, he gave a lot.
The time has come for the peace of the frozen.
Once saw a thief this tree at night.
No police silhouette there.
The tree was still standing silently.
The thief was frightened, his trail was cold.
The lover walked all in dreams of his beloved.
Seeing in the twilight, he said, "She!"
I didn't wait, he thought shamefully.
I accelerated my step, because I was standing... "one"...
More than once the tree smiled so much to passers-by.
But the sadness of the dried up was still there.
With his care, past the tree, too.
In the evening, the mother with the child went.
The kid has already listened to terrible fairy tales.
The ghost was able to appear nearby.
Mom saw her eyes crying.
I was in a hurry to calm the baby...
But the tree stands, gaining patience.
We would only have time to understand in time,
That the world around us is a reflection of ourselves.
Perhaps there is nothing more to say here...
№ 425492   Added Viker 20-08-2021 / 10:18

On Jewish folklore
"Goat laughter from the front,
The horse, however, is behind!"
Not arrogance for the sake of,
And, to be believed,
There will be a moment to say a Jew,
Finishing with "Az oh-n-wei!"
In the dogonchnochka he will add -
"And fools - from all sides!"
by Vladimir Shebzukhov
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On the bench comfortably old woman sat.
No, no, yes it will feed the pigeons.
And, at least to rest, squatting, I wanted,
However, to feed - for her pleasure!
A boy sat down next to him to get drunk with juice.
Looking at him, she smiled.
He decided to share his cake.
I thought, old woman, go hungry!
And she smiled again, accepting the treat.
The kid is fascinated, but he knew why.
He offered his juice to her, having gained patience,
To make her smile at him again.
And for some reason, the kid was smiling.
And it was light and easy on the soul.
He waited for the old woman's smile again.
It's time to come home already...
"Where have you been for so long?" my mother is excited.
"I spent half a day with God - an unexpected answer -
I'll call His smile the best!
There is no such smile in the world anymore!"
I returned home, rested a little.
Met the old woman a large family.
"Today on the bench I ate with God.
But he was younger than I thought!"
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When the Tenno nun studied Zen at Bucca of Engaku, it is a long time could not enjoy the fruits of meditation.
Finally, one moonlit night she was carrying water in an old pail bound with bamboo. The bamboo broke, and the bottom of the bucket fell off, and in this moment the Tenno was free!
In memory she wrote about this poem:
And so, and syak, I tried to save the old pail,
While bamboo rope is not weakened and not torn,
Until finally the bottom is not taken off.
No more water in the bucket!
No more moon in the water!
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Pattern mosaics painted, Persian rug laid out,
Inhaling a cloud of hookah lies in the blessed Palace of the Sultan
Nothing monarch's does not care all he will order will be:
Recently his enemy killed, another executed, and the third killed.
Suddenly the hall is the guest it is low and holds the cane.
Asked the Sultan :
- Who are you? Why did you disturb my peace.
Said the guest:
Humble your heat I'm the angel of death Azrael
And flew away with the Sultan guest leaving the castle his cane.
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The doctor said: "Fima, the good news is that I can get rid of your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration. You have a very rare condition, which your balls put pressure on the lower spine, and this pressure makes you a terrible headache. The only way to reduce this pressure - removal of the eggs."
Fima was desperate. He even got sick to live. But there was no choice, and he agreed to go under the knife...
When he got out of the hospital for the first time in 20 years he suffered a headache, but it never left a regret for a lost part of himself. But then he decided that we needed to start a new life. He saw a men's clothing store and thought, "if I do not buy a new suit?"
He entered the store and told the clerk: "I need a suit." Elderly seller gave him a quick glance and said, "So... Height 44".
Fima laughed, "Right, how do you know?" "60 years in business!"
Fima tried on the suit, he was fit!
While Fima was admiring herself in the mirror, the salesman asked: "How about a new shirt?"
Fima thought and agreed.
The seller looked at the Fima and said, "So. 34 sleeve and 16 and a half neck".
And again, Fima said, "Right, how do you know?" "60 years in business!"
Fima tried on the shirt, and she sat great!
When Fima was corrected in front of the mirror, the collar, the salesman asked: "Maybe you need new shoes?"
Fima liked this idea very much - the seller looked at the Fima and said, "So... 9-½ E".
Fima was shocked: "that's Right, how do you know?" "60 years in business!"
Fima tried on the boots and they came to him.
Fima walked around the store, and the salesman asked: "what about underwear?"
Fima thought and agreed.
The salesman stepped back, eyed vzgladom waist Fima and said, "well... Size 36".
Fima laughed: "ha Ha! Here I caught him! I'm eighteen years old I wear a 34-d!"
The seller shook his head: "You can't wear 34. 34th size lingerie giving your eggs to the bottom of the spine, and you will have a terrible headache".
Work with professionals! It will save you time, effort and, possibly, eggs.
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Time winter riding on the river taxi drivers. One horse balked and ran from the road to the side. The trooper immediately went after her and just wanted to hit the whip as she fell into a hole and went under the ice with all who.
- Well, say thank you gone, ' cried the man, and I would nahlesta you Boca for you!
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One person was missing the chicken. He thought a neighbor that stole a chicken. Began to look at him, and all he seems and goes to the neighbor like a thief, looks away to the side, like a thief, and avoids talking to him as a thief. But another neighbor brought the man his chicken that wandered in his yard. Looked again the man to his neighbor - like and not similar to the thief: and walks and talks and looks like an honest man.
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One dignitary injured his leg and had to buy crutches. They helped him with walking and he soon got so used to them that when the leg healed, still continued to use them. Gradually nobleman accustomed to the crutches and all family members, and then their courtiers. Time passed, and in a country where this nobleman lived, crutches came into Vogue: all the people of the country wanted to buy him some crutches.
Everywhere worked workshops for the production of crutches. The rich and noble people ordered crutches from ivory, covered them with gold and precious stones. For learning to walk on crutches has opened special schools, and in universities wise scientists investigated the basic aspects of the science of crutches, gave lectures and wrote tracts about them. Without crutches, continued to do only a very few. Such behavior seemed to the majority, those who are accustomed only with crutches, ridiculous and unreasonable. Loners in vain tried to prove that the crutches should only be used as needed, vain said, "See, we can safely walk without crutches". What their opponents are invariably answered them:
- It is not. This is all just a figment of your imagination.
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One curious student asked the teacher:
- Tell, please, who do people value more - those who say a lot, or those who speak little?
The teacher said:
- Since morning and till the morning cry in the swamp frogs. But nobody pays attention to them. The cock is screaming only at the beginning - and people listen to him: get up and go to work.
№ 393036   Added Viker 06-05-2020 / 09:11
Man complains to God on life and what not, and work problems, family trouble, and debt, and health...
The Lord appears and says:
- It's understandable, but you tell me - to renew will be?
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In his travels, came to Nasreddin Hodja to a distant village and, passing through the street, he saw a strange sight. To the gate of the lonely old man at the tail was tied a donkey, and every time someone entered the garden and opened the gate, that in turn pulled the poor animal's tail, and he uttered a cry. A curious Hodge, having entered the house, found an old blind man and asked why he settled on that leash? Received a response, the animal gave him grandchildren, he had never seen and did not know about these. Feeling the donkey, blind man found that when pulling the tail, roar. Other applications other than to alert visitors, it the phenomenon could not come up. Then Hodja Nasrudin was asked to change the donkey to a door bell. Both were satisfied, Hodge is no longer necessary to walk, and the blind to remove the manure and feed the door bell.
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