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Only family and friends really understand you when people shamelessly taking advantage of you. Others pretend that all is well understand, but which nobody wants bad. They pretend that you are valued, respected and listened attentively, but in fact it is not. Relatives and friends are well sorry to tears, realizing that your kindness was wiping dirty feet, over your feelings only laughed, your sincerity is useless.
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Conflicts between males of nonsense is the last thing.
Quote Explanation: The cycle of "Anarchy and decay". Book 8. "RA Kha-Kan".
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Then, sitting on a perch like a drunken bullfinch, bloated, fermented berries and in the head only one thought: if you move, will fall in the snow and I will eat cats.
Quote Explanation: The cycle of "Anarchy and decay". Book 7. "Libido".
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"You will always have life plans with others, but only those who do not have enough throughout his life to stay with you, will remain forever with your soul."
© Adam Larsen
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Talent is an irresistible desire to overcome your weaknesses!
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Degradation - damage
Developing - good!
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In the story were not included, so the tale read.
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As usual,
all exceptions to the rule
only wider the horizon of our
pushing in turn
and also in the scientific search
contribute a lot
As a rule,
scraps tossing chaotic thoughts
distract us from the main
and only fog your eyes
any lifeless dogma, in turn,
like the same shore,
shorten horizons.
And our conscience is
as the same old age or death:
as neither wanted anyone of us to forget about it,
and about herself she will remind you
at least a hundred years, without thinking about it,
the world has a chance to live.
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La bruyère and Descartes still at school understand all of this said. And here's Vladimir Putin in the twenty-first century does not deign to understand that before he began to compose amendments to the Constitution, all has been said, and said it is not V. Mashkov, Markov, Tereshkova and other Naryshkin.
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There is no power - using mind. There is no mind - use the force.
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Only relatives and friends survive your tough times and challenges together with you. The rest are busy with their own Affairs and simply do not pay attention to you. They care about your troubles, troubles, suffering and torture. But there are those who care what happens to you, and who will remain with you forever. So, it's not so bad in this world.
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Life as in martial arts, re-deals the same blow.
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While a bloody rebellion power will not blow up,
Sitting on the throne of the king silent people.
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You're quite smart... unlike my idiot partner.
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"The example of each person affects the others" (Marchal).
Quote Explanation: "The example of each person affects the others" (Marchal).
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