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Show off what you're afraid of. Nobody will understand
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That's why everyone tends to lie
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Language is powerful, because it can both kill and resurrect
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Some people are raised in such an environment that they rotted before they even matured.
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Moving on to the second individual: during parting, he begins a strong breakdown - pain, tears, and, perhaps, in the end - awareness. Awareness comes at a moment, the so-called by M. Goulston, an impulse
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The next one follows the fool
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Sometimes a psycho is healthier than any person in society
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If the song is not familiar to you, then one day you will completely forget it ...
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Quote Explanation: Most of the society speaks only because --- that the head is to wear a hat, and they also put food in it
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Where it's dark, it's warm.
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Sometimes I resent G-d asking why he made me live this life
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Modern Series - a social benefit for the Poor in Spirit
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Guys, don't open this thread. You are young, playful, everything is easy for you. This is not it. This is not Chikatilo and not even the archives of the special services. It's better not to go here. Seriously, any of you will be sorry. It's better to close the topic and forget what was written here. I fully understand that this message will cause additional interest, but I want to immediately warn the inquisitive - stop. The rest just won't be found.
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That's all! Tomorrow I have an exam, and I will pass it badly! I prepared very badly for it! I know - I could do much better! I perfectly demonstrated to everyone - and most importantly to myself - what a lazy and idler I am! I'm so worried that my hands are shaking! It seems to me that I will write poorly and will not justify the hopes of my parents, teachers, who taught me for so long! OK. I'm going to sleep. I will not waste my energy on unnecessary thoughts.
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