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Amazing human feelings and emotions were formed in a long evolutionary process, primarily due to love, work, cooperation, exploits and hopes of the most ancient and ancient people. If life is a joy, then love for a person is dignity and pride!
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What repels a husband can be a tasty morsel for a lover. Love wears a blindfold, but marriage does not.
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Love is not found, it is created.
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And in response - a spit on a dish, and no one will look ...
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“Of course I did,” she said. - By the time we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, that's for sure.
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until the last breath of heaven.
Quote Explanation: Translated from whale)
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For the cheerful - all life on Earth embodies love!
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The quiver-bearing god often compels gods and heroes to perform extraordinary deeds and take on strange guises: Jupiter turned into a bull to seduce Europe.
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What is true love? Sometimes it is replaced by hatred or, conversely, hate is replaced by love. Sometimes we think that we are madly in love, but in reality we simply do not know what this feeling is.
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Sorato, what is love?
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It is not easy to remain yourself in this punitive system, to maintain self-respect, especially in dealing with people, and if it works out - and you do not change yourself, adapting to others, they recognize you as a person and begin to respect you. The crowd tires people who strive to be themselves, it tires the need to maintain an effort of will. Therefore, the desire to be alone does not leave, it is easier to be yourself. Situations in which we are forced to change ourselves constantly arise in prison. Such a life in conditions of constant stress either tempers and makes stronger, or breaks. It all depends on the amount of love in the soul of the person behind the barbed wire. Love heals from the most dangerous disease of the personality - fear; be yourself in any life situation.
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She loves You. And you want to love her. It's not the same thing.
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It is impossible to recognize oneself by hiding from the hardships of life in a monastery. Only through action, through trial and error, is it possible for a person to know himself. Only when you reach the line and cross it, you gain knowledge about who you are. If you don't step over, you won't know... Only being honest with yourself can you know yourself, discover Love in yourself - a particle of the Soul of the World, a human soul. The biggest sin is to deceive yourself.
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It scatters with sparklers.
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Boys often say what girls want to hear. If you want to be happy, don't listen, but watch. Because actions always speak louder than words. Every man knows how to lie from three boxes, and not everyone can act like a man.
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