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We humans are wild animals. Why? because we kill each other.
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Everything will be alright.
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Here everyone knows each other, but no one knows each other
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People will never understand each other. They can only pretend to understand. I can't understand people's thoughts.
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But now the dream has really become a dream.
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- And then. Then they sort of diverge. They grow openly, and keep away from the trunks, bend. If they absolutely dislike each other, then one blooms, grows stronger, and the other withers, ends. They argue about who is stronger, and one will take all the juice from the earth for himself, while the other will not get it. This is how you walk, it used to be, through the taiga, and the trees are poor for you, crying at their fate, just like people.
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Well, everything ends sometime... Well, or almost everything... Isn't this a reason to spend all the time on each other without thinking how much is left there?
Well, everything ends sometime... Well, or almost...
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He pointed out, thus, that in these cases it is not at all those who are physically stronger or more cunning or more agile than others who are physically stronger or more cunning or more dexterous than others, but those who are better able to unite and support each other, both strong and weak, - for the sake of good. his entire society. "Those societies," he wrote, "which contain the greatest number of sympathetic members, will prosper most, and leave behind the greatest number of offspring."
Quote Explanation: Pyotr Alekseevich Kropotkin "Mutual Aid as a Factor of Evolution"
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Quote Explanation: Gestalt prayer.
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- Let's entrust it to the maid. They say the service here is great.
- Lets entrust it to the maid. They say the service here...
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Whatever you lose is not a loss unless it is the loss of a friend.
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Well, okay. We're not together until the first rain. Besides, I already had a crappy reputation. You are my. So, for better or worse, we can only stick to each other. Am I talking right?
Quote Explanation: Appeal to Zhou Zishu.
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Every Good Friday is followed by good news.
Quote Explanation: 03.04.2023.
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They were in love with each other, but at different times.
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I don’t know how I would have endured all this if the Lord had not given me you, my wife and friend. I'm talking seriously. Sometimes it's hard for me to talk about such things, it's easier for me to put my thoughts on paper because of my stupid timidity ... Gently kiss you and the children.
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