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- I have to kiss you.
- I have to kiss you.
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- No. No. It's ... it's true. But I know what it's like not to have a mother at all.
- No. No. Its ... its true. But I know what its like not...
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- Yes. Then she will look at her husband and not at me.
- Yes. Then she will look at her husband and not at me.
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- Oh, mom.
- Oh, mom.
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The sense of opportunity can be defined as the ability to think about everything that could very well be, and not attach more importance to what is than what is not. Such people of opportunity hover in the clouds, in the clouds of fantasy, dreams and subjunctive moods. In children with this craving, it is persistently eradicated.
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Well, I will answer that this is a feeling that cannot be shown to anyone except the person you really trust. A person who is always ready to help and support. The man who never betrayed you. Potamushta all the rest will laugh and leave. Because the people who surround us ... well, as people, not people have deteriorated for a long time. I shield that there are no bad people, but there are simply not people!
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There is no reason to stay if I can't remember the reason.
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There is nothing wrong with carelessness. You don't have to travel all the time to live a fulfilling life.
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No one has eyes on the back of their heads.
Quote Explanation: Inspector's ceremonial knife.
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If a person does not have a desire for freedom, then no matter how much he travels, he will still not be able to learn impartiality.
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Those who have no hearing - listen only to themselves!
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- It all goes on and on, the students and the Teachers go through the same thing: first you need to find and tame the bull of the essence of your mind, then throw it, then they finally reach nothing, as in this empty picture, then, having achieved nothing, they get everything - spring flowers in the trees, so in the end they go down to the cities to get drunk with butchers like Li Bo.
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- How could one person endure so much?
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When there is no trust, it is better to back down than try to negotiate.
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There is nothing unusual about the gods.
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