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He did not have favorite items, just as there were no loved ones, and therefore nature could only act in one direction on his feelings, only oppress them.
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Promise me one thing: when they begin to convince you from all sides that you are unhappy, think not about what you hear, but about what you feel.
Quote Explanation: Letter 13.
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I let my feelings go free, because I completely trust them!
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I cannot make others happy without making myself happy myself. When I do not feel happy, I understand very well that in such a state, no one needs me and that I cannot do anything useful and good for others.
Quote Explanation: Quote from the book "Boundless Confidence"
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Feelings are also now not the time. Thoughts and feelings are more for those who have nothing to do.
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A man's true feelings are visible in the little things.
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Childhood is always drawn to the unknown. It makes us show genuine interest, evoking vivid emotions and feelings for everything alive and tender that surrounds us - while bringing up a sense of beauty for the rest of our lives!
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... Feelings cannot be smoothed, regulated, introduced into an acceptable framework, imposing their own form and measure.
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Romana, like any Time Lord, quite easily forgot that the title of Doctor is President of the Supreme Council of Gallifrey, Adjuster of the Eye of Harmony, Holder of Rassilon's Wisdom and Keeper of the Matrix, And So On, And So On.
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Farewell to living feelings - artificial intelligence is coming to replace you!
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feeling excludes the possibility of reflection!
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The things, it seemed, consisted not of wood and stone, but of a grandiose and infinitely tender immorality, which, at the moment when she came into contact with him, became a deep moral shock.
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Like the sun, and embraces the desert.
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And all the birds whistle about mine in the morning.
Quote Explanation: Translated by Tatiana Kalentieva
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