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You can't even buy mutual feelings in a Tor browser
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Unearthly feelings are born by height!
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Wherever you go, you have to go through both the road through the mind and the road through the feelings.
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With new paints, the old man, with the sandy-windy name Time, began to paint his favorite picture. He secretly wants her more than anyone else, it is she who gives him those wings, those feelings that help him soar, believe in himself again, feel youth and freshness, and most importantly, touch Life. A small flower and a timid butterfly - and you are full of those colors with which you can decorate not only your own canvases, but also the faces and hearts of people. A light breeze - and freshness again touches you, as if Aurora herself invites you to follow her through new achievements and discoveries, in search of miracle and magic. A sunny kiss - and the skin comes to life with a multi-colored motley meadow, on which, after a moment, flowers waltz, giving inexpressible fragrance and aroma. And it feels like all this has already happened many times, but you look, look with bated breath and understand that Life is when you can free of charge, on open palms, stretch out your innermost secrets and gifts to the world, as Spring does. May this spring give you everything that it has been preparing for so long and carefully: warmth, joy, colors, happiness and Love. With a warm smile and a sun-heart, Ya.
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They were instilled only by my passion!
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I am already over forty, I learned and relearned a lot, fell under blows and rose again. I am wiser with experience and knowledge filtered through many years, I have become more hardened, more skeptical, more unflappable ... I did not want love and did not believe in it, I did not think that it would come again ... But it came, and all my experience was useless, and knowledge only hurts. And what burns on the fire of feelings better than dry cynicism - is this fuel prepared in the fateful difficult years?
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A letter will always convey feelings that you usually don’t say.
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With gold, you will always find around you the feelings necessary for well-being.
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Here you are absolutely right. Except feelings, nothing can heal the soul, just as nothing but the soul can heal feelings.
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- Cool! Yes, you are the master of regrets!
- Cool! Yes, you are the master of regrets!
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Temporary loss of self-esteem happens and is allowed, but not to return it is a crime!
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Well folks, here she is. A real nuclear war with the Russians... Guys, I'm not an expert in making speeches. But I understand that there, on earth, a damn important thing happened. I also understand how serious you must be feeling right now. Hell, we wouldn't be real people if we didn't think anything about nuclear war. You must remember one thing - our people on earth are counting on us. And we must not let them down. I'll say one more thing. If this is even half as serious as I think, then after the mess is over, serious promotions and government awards await you. Everyone will receive them, regardless of race, skin color and religion. Now get yourself together. There is a big flight ahead.
Well folks, here she is. A real nuclear war with the...
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The most important of these skills, and also the main foundation of power, is the ability to control your feelings. Emotional reaction to a situation is the biggest obstacle to power, a mistake that will cost you far more than any temporary satisfaction you get from expressing feelings. Emotions do not show the true causes, and if you do not see the situation with all clarity, you will not be able to prepare for it and somehow control your own reaction to it.
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Music is an expression of feelings, a manifestation of a state of mind and feeling. Music creates mood, leads to harmony, teaches kindness and good manners - that is why the ancients paid so much attention to studying it.
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Don't be ashamed to want your boyfriend to make a decent living. Because only at the beginning of a relationship we don’t look at the guy’s income level, there is falling in love, that’s all. And then he buys you pads at yellow price tags and the only thing they soak up is your feelings.
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