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Don't even think about work that won't make your heart sing.
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I mean the happiness experienced from the contemplation of nature. Truly, a person who wants to know the glory of God on earth must see it in solitude.
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It scatters with sparklers.
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You have a chance for happiness. Tiny, like all people, but at least he appears. For real, living, sparkling happiness, which is not obtained by drugs and other rubbish, but is born in the depths and remains your fuel.
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No one owes anything to anyone - this is the first rule of adulthood. Second: every man for himself. And third: your happiness - no, not in your hands - but in your brains. Life is not a fairy tale, it is beautiful and incredible, but it can also become a real hell. It all depends on the person, his desires and the way he goes to his goals.
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One cannot die without moments of acute intoxication with happiness. Intoxication is so acute that it's like a heart attack. But without such moments one cannot die, because one cannot live without them. And no one should ever crunch the bones of a being who at least once in his life had an acute intoxication with happiness. Because this poison, like mercury, can no longer be removed from the body by anything. And no matter what happens to you, no matter what nasty things happen to you, your bones already contain the metal of happiness.
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Happiness comes from a person. He has it inside.
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Loss was part of life. The undisputed absolute. There was no escape from this. Only by learning to accept the inevitability of this - and to live well and fully in the intervals of time - can satisfaction and happiness be achieved.
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Here is happiness.
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"No," Bor shook his head, "of course I don't believe it." But - a horseshoe brings happiness, regardless of whether I believe in it or not.
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I wish you good health, live to the fullest, not knowing the fatigue from rest and entertainment! Let the money never run out, the mood does not decrease, but happiness increases.
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Why should my family happiness depend on some janitor?!
Why should my family happiness depend on some janitor?!
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You will be yourself no matter where you go. Cleveland is full of happy people, just like Paris. And no less unfortunate.
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Making a decision is always so much less energy-consuming and so much more inspiring than pushing it away and feeling sorry for yourself.
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Never regret a single day in your life: good days bring happiness, bad days give experience, bad days teach lessons, and good days create memories.
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