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In any, at first glance, bad life situation, there are creative aspects. You just need to have the desire and will to see and realize it. Everything that happens to us makes sense. The ability to see this meaning is wisdom. Our life is our thoughts, what we think about it, it will be like that.
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The hawk sits as if sleeping. The tiger walks like he's sick. That is why they can grab and tear a person to pieces. A noble husband should not reveal his wisdom and show his talent. Only in this way will he have the strength to accomplish a great deed.
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Nothing is more hateful to wisdom than cunning.
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The first duty of the wise and the first sign of wisdom is not to allow discrepancy between word and deed and to be always yourself.
Quote Explanation: Letter 20.
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A well-mannered person will always apologize - an ill-mannered person will behave as if everyone owes him, the wisdom lies in the fact that kindness is not a weakness, but only a sense of tact.
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We, people, complain about ourselves in vain, we complain about fate in vain! We are miserable and doomed to a miserable existence. And does it matter whether our own guilt, influence from above or chance, vice or virtue, wisdom or madness will cast us into the abyss of destruction.
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Will reveal her childhood secrets.
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- Kept my back straight. His every movement was measured and calm, like a man who knows a lot about life.
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Every wise woman knows: if you want, then you need to.
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We humans think we know how to do it. In fact, we don't know anything. To be born again is to be born of your true Father, to recognize that He is in charge. He created you from dust and dust. You are here by His will. Every moment of your life He gives you exactly what you need. And if one day you find yourself empty-handed - this is his idea. And you have to figure out what it is for. Understand?
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- It takes a wise person to understand this.
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Wise people often ask themselves this question in order to know themselves, but in order to find the answer to this question, they live a lonely life for many years and completely renounce the world. I don’t think it needs to be repeated, and I am convinced that the answer is inside and it will definitely be found. But you need to look for both externally and internally.
Quote Explanation: Quote from the book "Boundless Confidence"
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I have already said that life is such a roller coaster: up and down, up and down. The ups are fantastic, but we would not have felt them in full if there were no falls. Is not it? And it is the falls that give us the most experience. Do you understand what I mean?
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- Sometimes it is useful to look at things from a different point of view.
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